Knowing your rights

img20160531_0119Knowing your rights

This is the front page of a brochure that I received from our Medicare Part D program. All providers involved with Medicare are now subject to a STAR RATING SYSTEM.. If you are unhappy with your provider of services covered by Medicare and you don’t complain… they will continue to get HIGH RATINGS… if pts complain.. Medicare are suppose to take action and if enough complaints are filed… it is suppose to affect the reimbursements that the provider receives for services provided to ALL PATIENTS.

Silver Script is the second or third largest Part D provider.. so other Part D providers (PDP) may be sending out similar brochures. On the front page of this brochure they state:

We’re committed to working with you, your doctor and your Pharmacist to help you stay adherent to your medication

So if anyone from your PDP, doctor, pharmacist is involved with you – as a patient – interferes or hinders you being complaint with your necessary medication for your chronic disease… Medicare would appear to like to hear about how your proper care was interfered with.. That can be done at (800 MEDICARE) of if you believe that you where discriminated against under the Americans with Disability Act… you should contact the Office of Inspector General (OIG) of Health and Human Services ( HHS) 800.447.8477

If you are treated poorly, denied care and you say NOTHING.. they will keep their high star rating and they will continue to not provide the care that patients are entitled to



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  1. So this only applies to Medicare Part D patients or can patients with MediCal insurance (California’s government-paid insurance under the Affordable Care Act) use this star rating system? I feel like anyone with ANY health insurance should be able to use this rating system.

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