Indiana on track to have 150% more pharmacy robberies in 2016 than 2015



With 68 pharmacy robberies during the first five months of 2015, Indiana has twice as many pharmacy robberies as California and more than five times more than Texas. In 2014, Indiana had 78 pharmacy robberies.

So far in 2015.. there has been more robberies in Indiana than the NEXT TWO STATES

Pence and Zoeller are running for re-election this November and on TV Pence’s campaign ads are focused on all the new jobs that have been created in Indiana during his first term. Apparently robbing pharmacies is a pretty profitable business… since it would appear that most robberies were done by DIVERTERS… that have a business plan. Besides any business that has a ZERO COST of product acquisition should be able to make a good profit.

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  1. The last Pain Crisis hit when Clinton was President.

    Two guys got imprisoned in Michigan, for killing 100 or more people.

    One was Jack Kevorkian.

    The other invented Stealing Duragesic Patches off a truck bound for a cancer hospice, extracting out the fentanyl, and adulterating crack cocaine with it.

    Too impatient to try animal tests, the Fentanyl crook used live human subjects to establish the lethal dose, traveling from one ghetto to the next with his mixtures, in search of a formula that saved him money on the high cost of Colombian cocaine.

    Now that the guy has nothing else to do but sit in prison, apparently some Mexican crooks have finished the research he started, and are now making their own fentanyl.

    This points up the great advantage of running an illegal business.

    There is zero danger of being sued, for selling adulterated, defective, and dangerous products. Unless police figure out to catch th guy, he literally gets away with murder.

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