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  1. Our veterans sacrifice everything for our country and this is how our govt repays them. It truly sickens me!

  2. Terribly he is not alone,,,We have a V.A. here called Tomah V.A.,,,whilst all our newsstations televise commercials w/the so-called ,”whistler blower,” for the Tomah V.A.,,,,a guy name Honl,,,who was a f-ing secretary,,,who knew nothing,,,notta,,not 1 shred of medical schooling,,,,,called our state dept…took medicine away from 1,0000,,of our veterens,,,,they display him all over our t.v. here ,and if u try to comment on any online Wisconsin newspaper against what Honl did,,,they censore it here in Wisconsin,,,,,Thats part of why good men and women are forced to choose death as their only means of stopping the physical pain,,,and why I spoke w/my senator Tammy Baldwin,,,actually her ,”aid,” never got to Tammy,,,despite repeated request,,,her ,”aid,”,,,telling her aid,,,your politics are killing people,,,sooo can u please put on every death certificate here,,a box,,,,for death due to untreated physicaly pain,,,I was told by this ,”aid,” to Tammy Baldwin,,,,”prove it,”’,,,Our vterens deserve soooooo much better,,and our politicians are blocking the truth at every turn here,,,,God rest their souls,,,,,to our veterens,,,,mary

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