Where did we lose our way ?


Where did we lose our way ?

found in our news files dates August 16, 1945, the day after the Japanese surrendered and World War II ended, “The guns are silent now and so are many of the men whose hands once held them. Never again will they see their wives or mothers. Never again will they hear their children laugh. And never again will they smell the sweet scents of home. And for what? For what did these husbands and fathers, these brothers and sons, give their lives so many thousands of miles from home? I say it was for one word, and that word is freedom. The freedom to pray. To write. To speak. To feel. To be. As we see fit, and not as others would dictate to us. To this freedom, which has been so dearly bought for us, it is up to us, the living, to dedicate our lives and our futures… to its eternal protection.”


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  1. There is a section in the Declaration of Independence that states,”When any form of government become abusive w/their ,”just powers,” it is the right,the duty of the people to alter or abolish it,’For their power is derived by the governed,”,,,,What happen’d to that,,,when did washinton dc start using our hard earn money like candy and completely disregard the will of the people and OUR GOD GIVEN RIGHT TO LIVE AS WE SEE FIT,,, not as the government see’s fit!!When it comes to us chronic physical pain humanbeings they failed us in many ways..1st by seeing our MEDICINES as a drug,,like any other street drug,,their r wrong to see a MEDICINE that lessen’s suffering as some sorta terrrible drug..They failed us by OUTRIGHT LIEING,, They failed us by choosing to be corrupt w/their ,”just powers,” They failed as 1 senatore from W.V,,,definie this false epedimac as something the government needs to control,,,,and never seeing the humanbeings behind the numbers..They failed us by forcing their ,”will” onto us,,and not abiding by our fore father who also fought and died for the freedom to live our lives as we see fit,and the freedom to knoe that right will never be taken from us,,,,,We failed by not literally stopping this abuse of ,”just powers,” with a literally revolution,,jmo,,maryw

  2. I believe all Americans should want a convention of the state’s conventionofstates.com rehab for the federal government

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