Monkeypox… or just old MONKEY BUSINESS ?

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Crane Stephen Landis, MBA, JD

So… the ONLY thing that has been reported through the Mainstream Media is that a small number of cases have been found in the US – which is somewhat a new phenomenon, since it’s disease usually limited to Africa. Additionally, those few cases seem to be of some concern, because none of those cases are found in people who have traveled to Africa.

NO ONE IS SOUNDING ANY ALARM. At all. No one. Not the CDC or NIH or even the US Government. And certainly not the Media.

So, why the bullshit conspiracy crap?

Because it’s all a big HOAX? The small number of people who apparently have it, don’t? Seriously?


Just like the Lizard People walking among us. Or the Jewish Cabal – no doubt lead by George Soros – and libertards who are bringing Brown and Black immigrants to replace White Americans and take over the Vote. All while operating Space Lasers and covertly running the world’s banking system. Right?

Good God.

If you’re so worried about mayhem, stop causing it. Such idiocy.

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  1. Absolutely 100% total BS! And Right about the Evil Government, their corrupt Alphabet agencies and Libtards. I Agree, total Idiocy. The whole shit n shabang has lost all credibility on anything and everything.

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