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DEA, law enforcement offer bleak outlook on opioid epidemic at Va. event


WASHINGTON — The opioid epidemic is gripping the country, and it is not getting any better.

 “What I’m seeing here, unfortunately, is more heroin overdoses,” said Loudoun County Sheriff Mike Chapman. “Looking at the several heroin deaths Loudoun County has had already this year and several last year, it is shocking.”
 Especially since Loudoun County, Virginia is considered one of the richest counties in the country.
 “But it’s happening,” Chapman said. “It’s happening everywhere. It’s happening in all ages. It doesn’t matter what your income is, it doesn’t matter where you live in the county. This is affecting everybody. And awareness is the key. Making sure everybody knows it out there. And stay away from it because once you try it you’re done, you’re going to be addicted to it.”
 Chapman spoke at an event in Leesburg, Virginia on Saturday aimed at addressing law enforcement’s latest efforts in the opioid epidemic. Acting DEA Administrator Chuck Rosenberg joined state and federal law enforcement leaders at a travelling DEA Drug Museum exhibit called “Drugs: Costs & Consequences.”
 The event was held in conjunction with National Prescription Drug Take-Back Day. The museum was one more than 5,000 drug drop-off locations across the U.S.
 Rosenberg said that last year’s drug take-back day, which was held in September, reaped 742,000 pounds of unwanted and expired drugs — about 10-percent of those drugs were opioids. “Even if that’s true, only 10 percent, that is 74,000 pounds of opioids off the street,” Rosenberg said.
 Getting the opioids off the street is huge because opioid abuse leads to heroin abuse, he said.
 One part of the solution is arrests, especially the arrests of the drug distributors. Education is another tool being used in this fight.
 “We can’t solve this problem alone,” said Karl Colder, a special agent in charge at the DEA’s Washington Division Office.
 Colder said law enforcement has to team up with prevention, rehabilitation, treatment and educational professionals to get the message out. They also have to educate the public — particularly parents.
 “They have to understand that this is a reality and that they have to talk to their kids about this,” he said. “Our school systems have to be more open about this because the abusers are a lot younger now.”

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  1. A friend of mine often refers to the War on Drugs as the “Drug Lord Price Support Program.” I believe that he is the one who coined this alternative moniker, as I’ve heard him using it since the ’90s and I believe that he was the first to use the term, that I’m aware of. His name is William N. Grigg and has a blog (one of several) known as Freedom In Our Time.

    He has written volumes on this particular failed public policy and has numerous, real-world examples of the failure and of the wholly unnecessary “collateral damage” inflicted on the innocents in the prosecution of the failed policy. Perhaps I should have used the word persecution in the previous sentence…no matter, as I believe that the point is clear to the educated.

  2. A friend of mine found a new law,,its called PL1141455483,,,inacted april 18th,,,,now part of this law demands pain patient get their MEDICINE,, thee other part will be lied about by the cdc,,,but for pain patients ,use it,,,,to get your meds,,,also,,dea,,,,,AMEN,,,, get rid of them,,,,even the U.N,,recently stated,,stop all policed action against the use of our ,medicines,,sooo,,ohh how I would love for the dea to go away,,,The day the dea took over our field of MEDICINE was the day the black market said yippee!!!!

  3. I wanted to try to help people after I suffered an utter lack of humane treatment following surgery. I never had any addiction issues and didn’t know why I wasn’t being helped – until I learned this was going on. The pain was bad.

    No person should be forced into such a position. I’m empathetic and could never do to another what was done to me.

    I want to leave you all with a bit of information that I do not believe is being told to you:

    The hospital advised me my blood pressure and heart rate shot up from pain. I have a relative who is a healthcare professional who advised me this:

    1. Put me at risk of stroke
    2. Put me at risk of kidney damage

    If you are experiencing protracted pain, you’re being put at risk for stroke and kidney damage. The hospital did not tell me this – a family member did. I’ve known people wheelchair bound from stroke, and you never want to go through dialysis.

    In your fight, remember these two things – and repeat them often-spread the word, because I wasn’t told this, and I’m sure you weren’t.

    Good luck with the fight.

  4. Heroin use mostly starts from some other heroin user saying to try it on a joint. They think it isn’t bad if they r not shooting it up. I have never used it but heard many stories. Survey people in rehabs and get real numbers, not propiganda, is what I say. The DEA is living a lie and people will continue to die from h e round until the focus on the proper source.

  5. While I agree that education is a huge part of curbing addiction, I just can’t understand how these laws enforcement professionals can be experts in the mental aspects of addiction. They made statements that they have no scientific research to prove and they are clearly educated in the fields of law enforcement and not the field of medicine or the psycology of addictive personality disorder.

    • exactly,,,,I ran into another playing doctor,,The National institute of Drug Addiction,,,thru a email exchange,,trying to get this women to define abuse,,She told be that non opiate therapy works fine for chronic pain and that if my medicines have been stop ,I needed to go the cdc site and find a non-opiate drug that should work fine for me!!!!!I was soo disgusted, I emailed her back a few times,,no-responds of course,,Asking her what right did she have to decide who suffers in physical pain,,and was she a license doctor???It is true,,,these opiatephobs are soooo arrogant they really do think their answers are correct,,,but their soooo ignorant,,,they truthfully don’t have a clue,,No 2 words in history have killed more people ,,then arrogance+ignorance,,,they will willfully kill more people then any pill ever will,,,,mary

  6. If I turn up dead I don’t do heroine my blood is clean , just in horrible pain thanks to the death squad , oops I mean dea

  7. Yeah take back the drugs then sell them on the street you mean . I smell something bad . Who witnessed the heroine deaths ? Who has a list of people on opoids ? You tell me I’m wrong .

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