This was just sent by email today from the KY BOP..

Section 1. (1) A complaint against a licensee may:
(a) Be submitted orally or in writing; and
(b) Originate from a consumer, competitor, health professional, government or provider agency, or other interested party.
(2) A complaint shall be accepted anonymously if the complaint is accompanied by sufficient corroborating evidence as would allow the board to believe, based upon a totality of the circumstances, that a reasonable probability exists that the complaint is meritorious.
(3) A complaint shall not be required to be sworn to or notarized

Those of you, who have been told or hidden behind the idea that you could only file a complaint with the BOP you had to give your name.

Apparently, the state of KY has changed the “game plan”

Filing a complaint against a PIC or the permit holder… can be done by any staff member ANONYMOUSLY with the BOP…

I would presume that “other interested party” could be an attorney… that one or more Rx dept staff members could employ an attorney to put the attorney/client confidentially between you and the complaint…

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