To me.. the media is an enigma.. and how our news cycle works

One “loose nut” goes on a rampage and it takes up nearly all the media news for hours if not days. I woke up this AM.. to the news that today’s ” nutcase de jour” decided to open fire in a theater of people who came out at MID-NIGHT to watch a new BATMAN movie. At last count …  12 dead and 50 injured. I feel sorry for those – and their families – that were injured or killed.. those that survived…. their lives will never be the same..and that is a shame.

Hell… our healthcare system KILLS TWENTY TIMES that many every day.. from MEDICAL MISTAKES… that’s right 250- 300 EVERYDAY…. SEVEN DAYS A WEEK ! That is like a commercial airliner falling out of the sky EVERYDAY !

When is the last time that you saw a HEADLINE about a patient dying from a medical mistake? As a society, have we become so jaded and/or accepting of these UNNECESSARY DEATHS.. that they just roll off the collective conscientiousness…or just fail to register.

Of course, some celebrity or their kid … overdoses .. or commits suicide – which is always labeled as a “accidental drug overdose” .. or even just gets sent to the hospital because they had a “boo-boo”.. it is seemingly “big news” for at least 24 hrs or more…

Maybe some of these potential “loose nuts” wouldn’t execute their plans.. if the previous “nut job”  hadn’t got such media attention…

Maybe our healthcare system needs more attention.. to all the unnecessary deaths/harm that we are causing …but … we don’t necessarily need a bunch of outcomes like Eric Cropp  Which – IMO – was a person being “taken down” for a system induced error. We need  such poorly organized/developed/maintained systems- and those in management that are responsible for the same – to be held responsible for the deaths/harm that their “finger prints” are all over.

We all know of some healthcare workers that need to be “thinned from the heard”.. because they are just plain dangerous to patients…. yet they remain in the system.

Maybe someday our healthcare system will “hit bottom” and corrective action will be taken.. until then… how many people will be needlessly killed or harmed by “the system”?


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