Time to Fish or Cut Bait ?

It should not be a surprise to any RPH about the bad and/or deteriorating  work conditions that we are dealing with ever day.  The Pharmacy Alliance sent out a email/letter to all 51 Boards of Pharmacy this past Jan, with 9 points we wished the BOP’s to consider as changes to their practice acts. All having to do with things to improve patient safety and lessen medication errors.  The response and concern of the collective BOP’s could easily be described as UNDER WHELMING!

As National Public Relations Director for The Pharmacy Alliance, I see/hear a lot of things going on out there in “PharmWorld”… but they are all like isolated incidents and nothing seems to be able to get them to come together to create a critical mass. Which I suspect, all the major players are quite happy about.

I have been contacted by a advocate of  AARP (American Association of Retired People) out of the national office… they are interested in hearing about the “horror stories” that we know that are going on every day.. you know… all the med errors, all the metrics, all the long hours with no meal/rest breaks,  under staffing… you know “the program”.

I don’t want to turn you loose on the advocate nor him/her on you… send me your horror stories   —  steve@steveariens.com — I will forward them to the advocate  — without any of your personal contact information — ANONYMOUSLY

If the advocate and the AARP is interested in proceeding forward and need some confirmation of the information previously provided.. Ultimately, only you will decide if your personal information will be shared with the advocate.

If you and your colleagues are always “whining/bitching/moaning” among yourselves at work… or have taken “your bitch” public on one of the “PharmWorld” blogs …under a pseudonym or anonymously… Ask yourself a question… Has any of “your bitching” changed anything and/or solved anything in your professional work life?

The decision is yours… standup for your profession… and YOURSELF, YOUR COLLEAGUES AND YOUR PATIENTS …. or continue to keep collecting that paycheck…for that JOB that you have…


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