Here is what can happen when patients and legislatures get involved in medication errors

Complaint & Cover Sheet 9-9-09

This is a settlement of a case of two RPH’s and Rite Aid in the state of Mass..

“reader’s digest” version…

pts complained to BOP and state representatives about medication errors happening at a particular store

Rite Aid.. enticed, with large sign on bonus, to leave their current employment to come work this store and get it straightened out.. also promise a certain level of ancillary staffing..

Months later… two DM’s started pressuring RPH’s to reduce tech hours…

RPH’s complained both verbally AND IN WRITING about returning the Rx dept to its previous dangerous level of staffing..

State Representative was contacted once again and got involved … RPH’s were fired/discharged

RPH’s sued for wrongful discharge… while the amount of the settlement is sealed with a confidentially agreement… HOWEVER… other data found on the web would suggest that the settlement was in the LOW SEVEN FIGURE RANGE !

This whole situation would suggest that even when the BOP is unable/incapable/unwilling to act on behalf on pt’s health & safety.. that a member of the legislature may be willing to get involved… Also.. a RPH’s being fired/discharged for refusing to work in a unsafe work environment and/or break the practice act or some other rule/law/regulations…  that if the corporation is taken to task… the financial consequences can be substantial.


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