Here is a current complaint being dealt with by the Nevada Board of  Pharmacy over a robot misfill.

According to the complaint, it was determined that ~ 20 patients got Temazepam instead of Fluoxetine  or some mixture thereof… and according to the complaint.. ONLY ONE PATIENT filed a complaint with the BOP… Does this mean that 19 patients ,… didn’t care… didn’t know that there was a complaint process or a BOP existed… or they were offered some $$$ by Walgreens to “keep quite” and go away…

According to the complaint… only the PIC was responsible for filling the robot… or a RPH .. in his absence ..

The follow up investigation uncovered that there was

no log of what drug, expiration, lot number etc where put into the robot.

no label on the robot container

The PIC was overheard telling a patient that a tech had filled the robot and “was not paying attention”

Some believe that many RPH’s no longer consider themselves as part of a profession …but .. they are just holding down a job…

How professional is it.. to not “man-up” to your mistakes and try to blame a underling for what you have done?

This seems to be a pattern…

The incident in Sandford FL with the CVS and all the C-II opiates… the whistle blower was reported as being a store technician – not the RPH’s in the store

The whistle blower lawsuit with Walgreens giving out $25 gift cards to people with Federal Insurance ( Medicare/Medicaid/Tricare) was reported to be the tech in the store.. not the RPH’s in the store.  Resulting in a multi million dollar fine for Walgreens.

Without our ethics… are we not much more than “legal drug pushers”… it is just all about the money ???

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