A BOP to the rescue ?

This was posting on another Facebook page…

Another Walgreens pharmacy manager quit this week. That makes 4 in the last 2 months (I was one of them). This one actually went to the Board of Pharmacy after the last tech cuts and said things are getting dangerous. The Board told him to slow down and take as much time as he feels it is necessary to do things right. He then told everyone it would be a 4 hour wait (he managed a 24 hour store that is EXTREMELY busy). Needless to say he got called into the District Office and they proceded to write him up for every little thing so that they have a “paper trail” of him being a bad pharmacist. He quit yesterday. Unfortunately I am sure the State Board will not do anything and Wags will keep cutting staff to the bare bones. I do not miss retail.

I have not been able to confirm which particular BOP was/is involved with this… but I  think that I have narrowed down to one of two… both of which I am licensed in …

Rumor on the street is that this district currently has openings for 20 RPh’s.. That is considerable less than the class that will be graduating from the local pharmacy school in the next few months… FRESH MEAT…. for the chain industry…

Does anyone believe that replacing a a experienced RPH, especially in a very busy store, with a “freshly minted RPh” will guarantee/assure overall pt safety?

03/31/13 UPDATE:

I found out which state involved with this… I will not mention the state’s name … but the PRESIDENT of  NABP is from this state and the State’s largest city… unless you like horse… you don’t want to be there the first Saturday in May.. every year.

It was also posted on this Facebook thread .. is that this particular Pharmacist gave WAGS a two weeks notice.. which they apparently said NO THANKS !!!

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  1. I once suggested that the newly-minted be given a gun with their diploma so they could shoot the pharmacist of their choice and take their job, because at least that would be fast and painless.

  2. The only recourse a pharmacist has when faced with a shortage of help is to continue being careful, filling one rx at a time, and ignoring the lines of customers. One error can ruin a pharmacists life. To rush and cut corners because of understaffing is the wrong course to take. The pharmacist that quit did the right thing.

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