The estimated cost of “good intentions” ?

Obamacare: Projected Premium Increases by State

From the article:

Obamacare’s most onerous insurance regulations will directly cause insurance premiums to skyrocket, particularly in the individual and small group markets.

Isn’t this the group that Obamacare (ACA) is suppose to help the most ?

It is estimated that the average increase will be in the 30% range.. According to this chart.. thirteen state’s premiums could more THAN DOUBLE !

Who believes that more people will have insurance coverage when this whole system gets in place?

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  1. You cite a chart from the hyper partisan heritage foundation as proof of your assumption. Not the best objective source to form your opinions around. It really tells us more about you than it does about obamacare.

  2. to answer your question about who believes in what the messiah is selling… look no further than our friend drug monkey.

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