Most all of us have heard Einstein’s opinion of doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different outcome.

My blog is getting ready to close out its fifth year and as I look at the stats on my blog.. I find that while the number of page views have remained virtually unchanged over last year… the vast majority of people finding their way to my blog is done so via a web search… I can count on one hand the number of people that routinely post comments.

Over the five years, I have made over 5000 posts and each posts have had a AVERAGE of 2+ comments. In the last 12 months ONE SINGLE POST … that I made last Aug, has viewed almost 50% of total number of page views.

I have seen all too many chronic painers and advocates that professed their intent to CAUSE CHANGE.. IMO, there has been no positive change and many of those advocating are no longer around.

Optimistically, five years ago maybe up to 20% of chronic pain pts were getting adequate pain management, today that number is probably in the single digits and decreasing.

Bureaucrats at both the Federal and State levels are taking tax money from the chronic pain community to sue manufacturers, wholesalers, pharmacies in an attempt to deny those in the chronic pain community of their medically necessary pain management medications.

One Senator (Manchin D-WV) has discussed imposing a tax on prescription opiates to help pay for treating people who are self medicating the demons in their heads and/or monkeys on their back with various opiates – a increasing majority using illegal opiates being imported from Mexico, China and India and because they are mixing potent illegal fentanyl analogs with Heroin…more and more are dying of a overdose, while the number of prescribed opiates have fallen up to 35% over the past four years… while opiate OD’s continue to dramatically increase.

Many of us have been discussing the lack of unity among those in the chronic pain community – if possible – is getting worse…   At some point – if we are not already there – it is going to be every person for themselves.

I just wonder how many family members of those who OD’s, joins some anti-opiate group… and those family members whose chronic pain family member dies from removed pain therapy and/or commits suicides … just comes away from the funeral saying “At least, they are not suffering any more…”  and they go on with their lives.

Weekly, I get numerous emails and phone calls about pts being denied their medically necessary medication…  I am going to devote my blog to publishing these and my suggestions in how they can deal with it.  So that hopefully that others with similar situations may develop some strategy that can help them.

I am leaving all 5000+ posts and existing comments on the blog for reference purposes…  In the future, I don’t see me making more than one “educational posts” per day…  as I have in the past.


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  1. TY scuba Steve

  2. I have written about this for years. I hear as you do the complaints ‘We have to do something about this”, and not just the opiate situation but also re awareness for individual disorders, women in pain etc but when you ask folks to step up to the plate for some reason most don;t. I wish I knew why.

  3. Stev, Thank you so very much for all you do for the pain community, I read nearly all the posts you make/articles and have learned alot. I don’t always comment because im either feeling like shit, or can’t even concentrate on what I want to say. I know the work you have done must be exhausting, night and day..You have exposed so much behind this fictious opiod epidemic and honestly if it weren’t for you, Red and a few others, id be lost, I understand you taking a break, I will miss all your insights and the pain community is losing a very important person..YOU . I too see way to much division in these groups, im waiting for the UNITY and the fight, as each group says thier doing this or that and it seems like nothing gets done, where is the big advocate groups for the pain community, wheres the help!?!? I wish

  4. Thank you for your blog. I know you must put a lot of time & energy into it. I don’t comment because I don’t have anything constructive to say.

  5. Steve, I truly appreciate all your work. I live with pain night and day, have experienced first hand many problems you have taken time to highlight. I have multiple health problems. As my conditions have worsened and body deteriorated, my medication has decreased. Im left to suffer. I can’t speak for others, am not on social media, but I do look forward to reading your information. It helps me understand this complex issue and comforts me to know the ones who are still able, are trying to fight back. This War will go down in history. Its hurting and killing, not to mention costing more than any other. They could dismiss all the beaurecrats, stop arresting and blaming innocent people, and save a ton of time and trouble by asking one simple question- Is this person taking medication to ease their pain and suffering, or are they taking it for kicks? Because the two do not go together. Either you hurt and you’re trying to stop it, or there’s another issue. A doctor can tell the difference and human beings should not have to suffer for any reason. Is the medication addictive? Sure, so is coffee. Is coffee next? And what else will follow? Because thats the same line of reasoning. Why cant legislative powers try and Help, regardless of sides, rather than declare wars on innocent hurting human beings? Many who are suffering from perils of addiction would welcome diverting war on drugs money and sending them support and assistance and building hospitals to help them as well. Yes, its a problem but they are on the wrong road to repair anything. Steve, I will continue to look for your postings- they are informative and helpful. I am afraid many are silent in fear, and perhaps that is the very saddest of all.

  6. Yes! This is how I feel too!!

  7. Your posts is what is needed to fight this war on them.we would have believed the many lies they have told us if it wasn’t for you and your vast data. No where else can we find such information like what you have put in your works for us. You have helped us to keep things straight with the lies they have told.
    Thank you so much. Many days I have opened my eyes thinking this is so hard to do. You would be right in front of my eyes I would feel so much better with what you have to say. Oh yes at the right time. Thank you Steve . You have put so much work in helping us. I wish we could return it to you. Thank you

    • Steve,
      I have started to read your posts and was really driven by the one for the Class Action Lawsuit! I’m not trying to be the grammar notzi but you have Moran & Morgan and I wasn’t sure if this was a satire site. But reading your posts and finding the information needed to educate people, you’re doing an excellent job! Keep up the good work and Pain Patients need to help you as well to pass on the facts!

  8. Hi Steve. I just discovered your site yesterday, and have already attended an informative and empowering online meeting. I’m not even sure how I found you, but I know I was led exactly to the place I need to be. I’ve been scrolling through many of your previous posts, and I am amazed by your endless commitment to this community.

    Thank you for this recent post which provides valuable, and unfortunately, disheartening information. I would like to use info you have provided as a way to mobilize, and find a voice in this uphill battle.

    Please remember, as we care for others, we must also care for ourselves. I feel most fortunate for finding you, this site, and all of the wonderful people I found here so far.

    Ellen F

  9. Steve, I’ve used a number of your postings as gateways to references I needed in my published work. Even if you scale back on the blog, please don’t disappear from educational efforts. I realize it’s possible to get burnt out in this work and I respect that. I’ve had periods when I needed to pull back and nurture myself too. Stay connected with the pain communities you’ve served so ably, please.

    Red Lawhern, Ph.D.

    • Red , just like I posted on your article on NPR , I definitely agree with you. We need people like you and Steve! I realized I haven’t done enough ,but I found you through Steve and he doesn’t realize all the lies we would’ve believed if it wasn’t for him and advocates like you. I wanna thank you both. Thanks for all you done! Those that can hardly move wait for the email to arrive so I’m informed. I definitely needed the education , I’ve learned so much.

  10. I just looked at my WordPress & mostly I was comments for you or national pain report. It made me realize I’ve known about you for a little over a year and I’ve committed 6 time’s & talked on LSG for a couple mths. I’m ashamed that I didn’t comment more. I wrote my local state , signed petitions, from Facebook , blogs & change.org and still that’s not enough. I have a huge heart and I’m upset with myself , just because I had suffered about a year long depression over personal & change of medications doesn’t make an excuse. I should have stood up for others who just might need it more than me Again I’m sorry Steve! Thanks ,I’ll miss your post as this is my favorite blog. Jessica

  11. Steve , I can understand why you’re doing what you’re doing. I’m sad you’re doing so, I look forward to every email from you. I open them up and can read from right in my email & often share your stories. I wish I done more. Just because I went through a real bad depression after a change in medicine I should’ve done more. I apologize for that. Just know you helped me learn stuff I never knew I could learn, helped me know someone cared enough to on a daily basis send out emails &;on multiple occasions in one day. I talk about you like your my actual friend. I appreciated all you’ve done & thanks Steve!

  12. I am fairly new to twitter and read and comment on your posts often. I have heard of other advocates that more or less give up because they cannot get signatures on petitions or etc. Wish we could all come together as one for change. Not sure how to do it but I think that will be the only way we can start changing things. Must become a large voting group, then maybe they will listen. Thanks for all you do.

  13. Steve I just want to thank you for taking the time and energy to help so many of us who live in constant unrelenting pain. I look forward to every post from you and share with friends and family who I hope care enough about themselves and/or others to help make our voices heard. It makes me sad to see how many make positive noises yet won’t even send an email! I thank you again from the bottom of my heart!

    • All of us suffering civilians and Vets need to all start meeting up at the same place:
      Facebook: Pain Patients United
      (copy/paste) https://www.facebook.com/groups/503765159748675/

      Let’s start contacting media, legislators, doctors, Civil Rights Groups, ACLU, insurance cos, Medicare, VA, CDC, FDA and everyone we can. We only have more pain to face if we don’t. Come join the fight!

      • Steve, your tireless efforts, astuteness, and eloquence is so appreciated. I fear you might be correct about ‘every person for themselves’. I think those who have lost their quality of life medications could be in too much pain to fight. Those who are in the process of being ‘tapered’ or still have their medications are in fear of losing what they have. Until everyone pulls together, contacts their legislators and local media, we all lose. If more doctors would speak up it sure would be helpful. With pain week before us, let’s hope that more will speak out?

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