Addictions … are not a genetic mental health disease ?

Family members of those who died of opioid overdoses

Four of Eight children in the same family becomes addicted to Heroin ? 


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  1. Never is anything just one it is always both.

  2. They both play a part. You can see and understand the REAL cause here:

  3. I used to believe in.nurture over nature but I have seen proof positive that it’s not true.
    I know a genetic family of four where one child was placed for adoption at birth who was raised in a stable loving home where drugs and alcohol were not around, another of the children was bounced pillar to post in mostly abusive environments, the third child was in a environment of drugs alcohol and jail time were the norm and at fifteen the mother shot her up with her first dose of heroin, the mother was very unstable and abused drugs and alcohol for many years before dying from a heroin overdose. If nurture trumped nature one would think that the adopted child would have grown up to be a happy healthy individual, right? Sadly since her early teens she has been using a variety of drugs, her drug of choice being meth. The part that makes this extra sad is that all four are addicts! They also have the exact psychological diagnosis of severe personality disorder with sociopathic tendencies! Sadly nurture has little to do with what choices one makes in life!

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