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Man vs. Computer: Which Can Best Spot Pain Fakers?

From the article:

The computer system performed a lot better. While humans were right only half the time — that number reached 55 percent with a little training — the computer had a success rate of 85 percent !

It is claimed that only 20% of chronic pain pts get adequate therapy.. which is defined as a average pain level < 5. Could this allow – or make – prescribers to provide better (higher doses) therapy ?

Could this also lead to facial recognition data points being stored in the PMP.. to help confirm that the same person with the same name/dob/address .. is getting the Rx .. both for the prescriber and the pharmacy ?

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  1. Well this is a start other than the number chart.
    When I go to my doctor I’m stressed which makes the chronic pain worse.
    Seems every appointment I’m worried something bad is going to happen. I should be grateful I’m getting good pain relief, but you just never know what’s going to happen now days. I hope and pray everyone is getting good pain relief.

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