Retailiation.. WAG’s SOP ?

A few weeks ago I posted the following:

Walgreens condoning a hostile work environment ?

It would seem that Carlo Tamarit sent a constructive criticism letter to WAG’s  CEO Greg Wasson.

and also went to put a petition on

I was informed today that Carlo is now unemployed..

With the implementation of computers, faxes, IVR’s, robots, emails, texting, websites.. has corporate america become so accustomed to absolute obedience of all of these “machines”.. that it is expected that employees function in the same manner ?

Is corporate america’s mission statement and their definition of service is .. “.. get them in… get as much of their money as you can.. get them out… without pissing them off …”


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  1. bcmigal…And majority of the state BOPs are heavily stacked by the very chains with that prevailing attitude and the state AGs don’t want to tangle with them, but won’t hesitate to yank a individual RPh license on issues created by such working conditions. Dreading what pharmacy will become when ACA takes full effect unless major changes are made before then.

  2. If you think management gives a hoot about your working environment, you are naive and delusional. They care only about the “metrics”. How you get there is of no interest to them (until they are cited and/or sued, then it will be your fault.) If you complain about staffing levels, they will find a replacement for you before you can say “waiter in the queue”. Not only are technician hours reduced on a weekly basis, but pharmacists’ hours are cut also. The pic now works 35 hrs a week, the staff works 32. But workload and expectations are the same. The prevailing attitude is “we can always find someone else to do it.’

  3. I don’t remember what state he is in. I’m not surprised he’s jobless, my very first thought after reading his letter was how long before the bosses showed up with the axe. Since he notified them of problems affecting patient safety and they still fired him, does he have a case for unlawful firing?

    Per Steve:
    He is located on the middle of the west coast of Florida

  4. If a Pharmacist does not inform management -in writing – that in the Pharmacist’s opinion.. these cuts could increase the possibility of increasing errors.. when the obvious happens – more errors – can the company come back and defend its actions by claiming that .. since the Pharmacists did not bring to our attention that the new staffing level could affect patient safety… we believed that staffing levels were adequate. The Pharmacist is a professional and is responsible for the safe operation of the pharmacy. A Pharmacist would/should not knowingly place the pt’s health and safety at risk.

    • Hello Steve. You hear about patients getting prescriptions filled from Doctor Feel Goods for very large sums of painkillers… My friend was getting 250 Xanax 2mg, 350 Oxycodone 30mg, and 180 Norco 10mg each month. Why do pharmacist engage the patient in this type of dispensing conduct when it clearly should not be done? I don’t see anything safe about this… This has nothing to do with the pharmacist discretion either… Let me know???

      • It seems pretty simple and straight forward to me.. you follow the money trail. The manufacturer gets money, the doctor gets money, the pharmacy gets money, the pharmacist gets money (bonus) the diverter makes money.. the DEA gets job security and the addict gets to “drop out” Everyone gets what they want.. IMO your basic American capitalism ! The substance abuser is going to abuse something.. Just another pt with a chronic disease state (mental health/addiction).. that everyone in the pharmaceutical food chain “feeds off of “.

  5. As of May 1, the technician hours in my store have been reduced another 28 hours. I see it as almost impossible to do my job as required by the BOP.

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