Express Scripts revenue on track to DROP abt 10 BILLION/yr

Express Scripts plans to lay off 390 in Tampa

From the article:

But the 390 employees the company plans to fire from its Tampa operation constitute the largest layoff in Tampa Bay in 2014. The layoffs include nearly 150 high-paying pharmacist positions.

Express Script’s first-quarter report, released Tuesday, showed an 18 percent drop in prescriptions handled and a 10 percent decrease in revenue compared to the same period last year.

The company said it plans mass layoffs in three other states — 290 jobs in Ohio, 370 in Nevada and 580 in Texas at two facilities that will close.

The company also said it did not anticipate that so many of those who recently enrolled in health care exchanges would wait until the last minute to do so. Many also were already enrolled in Express Scripts, so the company didn’t get quite the bump in business that it had hoped.

Just wait until those people see what their 2015 premiums are going to be… they are supposed to be announced this summer.  Estimates that some may increase up to 100%.

I wonder how many will continue to keep paying for their health insurance ?


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