DEA: Pot Growers ‘The New Meth Labs’

liarliarDEA Flakes on Promise to Reschule Cannabis, Instead Calls Pot Growers ‘The New Meth Labs’

Last December, we began hearing rumors that the DEA might change its absurd stance on cannabis and remove it from the list of Schedule 1 drugs with “no medicinal value.” The agency sent a letter to lawmakers in April saying it will release a decision on rescheduling “in the first half of 2016.”

Freedom advocates and medical cannabis patients eagerly anticipated this rare bit of rationality from federal government. Lawmakers who value modern knowledge urged the DEA to fulfill their promise, as the Schedule 1 status makes scientific inquiry near impossible. Study after study is showing the amazingly diverse ways that cannabis can heal human ailments through stimulation of the endocannabinoid system.

Alas, the first half of the year ended on June 30 and the DEA failed to uphold its promise. A spokesman said in early July, “We aren’t holding ourselves to any artificial time frame,” and there is no update on the possibility of rescheduling cannabis.

It’s another example of how putting faith in government is not a good idea. No one is really waiting on the DEA to come to its senses anyway, as half the states in the nation have legalized medical cannabis and hardly anyone still believes the plant should remain illegal.

We should expect nothing less from the tyrannical Drug Enforcement Agency, anyway, as its corruption, its subservience to Big Pharma and its predatory behavior on innocent citizens is well documented. The agency has too much revenue and power to lose if people gain the freedom to use the cannabis plant.

Perhaps this is why, in contradiction of the current scientific body of knowledge, DEA chief Chuck Rosenberg said of cannabis, “don’t call it medicine — that is a joke.”

To further demonstrate the authoritarian vileness of this agency that feeds on the immoral War on Drugs, the same “chardonnay-sipping” DEA lawyer who anonymously told the Santa Monica Observer the rescheduling cannabis will happen in August, had this to say more recently:

“I will remind everyone that Congress vested the DEA with authority to enforce the nation’s drug laws. Don’t even think of challenging our authority. Because ultimately, what you will get to use is only what we will allow.”

It gets worse.

As Colorado has legalized recreational, as well as medicinal, cannabis and is now proving the astounding benefits this brings—and disproving the fear-mongering propaganda of prohibitionists—the DEA appears to be in quite the tizzy.

Like a pouting child, it digs in its heels and ups the deception tactics. In June the DEA put out a so-called intelligence report, totaling three pages, titled Residential Marijuana Grows in Colorado: The New Meth Houses?

Yes, they are actually trying to draw a parallel with a highly addictive synthetic chemical drug that actually kills people and has no medicinal value. Because, you know, extremely flammable, extremely toxic ingredients used in meth production are just like potting soil and fertilizer.

After lamenting the fact that Colorado is not limiting or regulating home grown cannabis, they suggest that there is “a proliferation of large-scale marijuana grow operations in hundreds of homes throughout the state.”

Without citing any actual figures, the report states:

“Local police departments often receive numerous calls from neighbors about marijuana grow houses. Common complaints include strong odors, excessive noise from industrial air-conditioning units, blown electrical transformers, and heavy vehicle traffic.”

It goes on to list how various problems “often” occur at grow houses (“often” is used in every sentence), such as mold, or residents drilling holes in walls or tampering with electrical systems. They paint the scenario of loose wires touching propane, with no actual examples of this happening.

This fictitious scenario must be the basis for their completely unfounded repot title. The “intelligence report” turns out to be just a half-baked piece of propaganda which runs counter to reality.

Mason Tvert of the Marijuana Policy Project told in an email, “Colorado’s laws have shifted the vast majority of marijuana growing out of homes and into tightly controlled facilities,” Mason Tvert of the Marijuana Policy Project (MPP) told in an email. “If an adult is doing it privately and in accordance with state laws, it is no more dangerous than an adult brewing his or her own beer.”

The DEA report suggests that the purported danger is driven by “drug traffickers and criminal organizations” setting up large-scale grow houses to ship product out of state. Even if this is posing some degree of a problem to the electrical grid or what not, there is one cause—prohibition.

Dangers associated with drugs—such as health risks and violence—are created by a black market which exists only because of government prohibition.

When a substance is decriminalized, the black market shrinks to insignificance and people can purchase products from known, reputable vendors committed to quality and safety.

So, by applying logic, if cannabis is legalized throughout the country, then cannabis will be grown in all states—thus eliminating the demand for Colorado to supply other parts of the country.

The “drug traffickers and criminal organization” would wither away and the purported dangers they bring to home grows in Colorado would be a non-issue.

It’s really simple, DEA. We just need you to go away, and everything will be fine.

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  1. This is also telling when it comes to opioid prescribing. “Don’t even think of challenging our authority. Because ultimately, what you will get to use is only what we will allow.” Guess who said that?

  2. I live in Arkansas (about 25 miles south of the MO border – in the Ozarks). Several times a year, they fly their helicopters around searching for pot patches in all of our rural areas. Just a few days ago, they found one with 90 plants. (*rolls eyes*) This region is ate up with meth. (Makes me think – I wonder what prescription medication they blame for all the meth addiction.)

    The majority of crime in our small town and rural areas are usually crimes of theft by meth addicts. (I also keep hearing from other locals that the “feds” have been swarming our area. I have no idea what they mean by “the feds” – DEA or FBI?). Anyways, it just astounds me that they waste so much in tax dollars looking for harmless plants, esp while we have crap loads of meth labs.

    Also, just recently 4 Colorado doctors had their licenses suspended for *gasp* medical marijuana recommendations to their patients. State says they recommended mmj to “too many” of their patients (some who the state deemed did not meet medical criteria for mmj). I take it their running out of doctors to harass for prescription opioids, so now they’re moving on to mmj.

  3. I will never ever forget watching on t.v.,,a adorable little girl,,4 maybe,,who’s siezures were stopped completely from medicinal marijuana…Dam in Isreal,,u smoke marijuana IN THE HOSPITAL to help treat medical illness..Someone needs to find out,,how much money would be saved by fireing thee entire dea agency,,ALLL OF IT GONE….THINK HOW MANY INNOCENT OR NON VIOLENT HUMBEINGS LIVES THE DEA HAS DESTROYED,KILLED OR FAMILIES DESTROYED…. if u r an adult over 18,,what u put in YOUR BODY is your decision,,,,At the very least,,allow all natural plants,,to be allowed to be grown for personal medical use.,,,mary

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