Here is your chance to speak up

The reporter that did this story about the errors in nursing homes .. Ross Jones ( ) would like to talk to any community pharmacists that would like to share how many med errors are happening in the community practice setting.

Now is your chance to stand up or you can remain BENT OVER !

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  1. He ought to be talking to the consultant pharmacists. I worked as one for 10 years saw alot maily due to very short staff. Im working LTC but only in house not out in the field. I actually once got reprimanded for writing up a facility negatively on med passes and med orders I was told no negative write ups because it just raises the red flag with state board of health. After that I would do a second write up to the administrator and DON pointing out problems while being made to turn in a slightly more positive report. Yes I felt somewhat threatened with my job from because I hadnt been out in fhe field long. I later figured how to write up problems hiding them In with positives. If any of my famliy were to go into a home, I will be watching them all like a hawk.

  2. Unbelievablely, I came across a nursing home ran by nuns than drugged the entire clientele with orange juice spiked with halperidol. The patients- some of them could tell- refused. While involuntary psychotropic drugs are unethical, I for one would not want a relative with akathisia, tardive dyskinesia and psuedoparkinsonism.

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