Tomorrow.. tomorrow … CVS .. paybacks are hell !

1069233_10200915473706851_578186_n1001364_10200915473906856_1600133923_n1069143_10200915474186863_1395810613_n joeschair Joe Zorek’s path toward tomorrow started nearly 2.5 yrs ago.. July 2011 to be exact.

Tomorrow Joe, Paula and his attorneys met up with a “gaggle” of CVS execs and attorneys for the first step – MEDIATION – in addressing the five count E.E.O.C. lawsuit Joe has against CVS.

To the left is the “accommodations” for Joe’s MS… that CVS provided Joe, while he was still employed..  That is not a “camera angle” that makes the chair to appear to be leaning forward… It was actually leaning slightly forward.. Imagine having to sit in that position for an entire shift..

You will also notice that the chair did not even have a foot rest… Joe had to use a shelf to rest his feet.

For those of you not familiar with the problems of sitting in a “wheelchair” with no properly adjusted foots rests.. it tends to close a major vein/artery in leg just above the knee… and .. all kind of problems for the pt will ensue.

Joe has repeatedly stated that he is not going to settle… he is going to court/trial… rumor has it that when his attorney asked him how much it would take for him to settle.. it is reported that his reply as “an obscene amount”… well.. the market cap of CVS/Caremark (CVS) as of the close of the market today was 77.87 BILLION… That sounds pretty obscene to me !

My understanding is that the mediation is scheduled for EIGHT HOURS tomorrow… my money is that it will be over in less than ONE HOUR !

Stay tuned for news on the up coming depositions…

For those of you reading this… thinking that Joe is just another Don Quixote… don’t bet the farm on that notion…

And don’t think that Joe is alone… I don’t know all the exact details.. but.. there are numerous other former CVS RPH… lining up  behind Joe.. that have collected reams of damning information on CVS’s common practices… and they have been “sharing”

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  1. Steve, please keep us informed about Joe’s case.

  2. No excuse, they are just asking to pay a penalty for such cruelty.

  3. I will be thinking of Joe. Id like to see CVS get found guilty by a jury, not mediation and it made public, no non disclosure agreements!. Not just a fine either. I used to work for those _______ (enter your own word here). talk about nightmare of an employer. They should be made an example of and let it scare the crap out of all the other big chains. I finally found a job with a small family owned LTC company and I couldnt be happier.

  4. I didn’t even have MS and one of the pharmacies I worked had us pharmacists balance our laptops on our laps while we sat butted up against a cabinet. I took out the lower two drawers of the cabinet so that my feet weren’t dangling. Yes, sitting that way an entire shift is hard on the whole body.

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