Another BOP admitting that they failed to do their job ?

Protecting American lives, with a side of bipartisanship

from the article:

In 2011, a year before the outbreak, the Colorado State Board of Pharmacy detected problems with the NECC when it was determined that the company was distributing compounded drugs in our state that had been manufactured ahead of time without first obtaining patient-specific prescriptions. This left Colorado patients at risk for being given a medication not appropriate for their specific medical needs and necessary health requirements.

Our state board issued a cease-and-desist order to the NECC, and notified the Massachusetts Board as well. But that was all it could do; ultimately, it was not enough to stop the NECC’s actions and prevent the tragic outbreak that swept across the nation a year later. Despite Colorado’s warnings, the state of Massachusetts did not act and, because it was hamstrung by existing regulations, the FDA could not act, either.

Most septic tanks are only so deep… this “pile” seems to have ” no bottom”

What a system… when you work for the government…. you fail to do your work.. and there is no repercussions ..

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  1. Can you imagine what would happen to one of us pharmacists if we caused 750 people to become ill and 64 people to die? But government employees are immune to any retribution.

  2. Oh no, you’re so wrong. Whenever the government gets involved, we’re all protected and safe. 😉

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