Important Notice regarding Changes to Indiana Law concerning the Prescribing and Dispensing of Opioids:


Effective July 1, 2017, pursuant to Senate Enrolled Act 226, new laws concerning the prescribing and dispensing of opioids will go into effect. Please be advised, these changes affect any practitioner who maintains an Indiana controlled substance registration and a federal Drug Enforcement Administration registration as well as any pharmacy or pharmacist dispensing opioid prescriptions. The Indiana Medical Licensing Board is currently reviewing the statute should additional considerations for the prescribing of opioids be necessary.  For more information and a copy of the enrolled act, please visit the Indiana General Assembly website here.


Please note, that neither the Professional Licensing Agency nor its boards, can provide legal guidance regarding these laws.  If you require legal assistance, please contact a private attorney.


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  1. My husband has cancer which I can’t do without my pain medication, also my 4yr old grandson lives with us. After husband finishes chemo I am getting surgery which hopefully will get rid of my needs for any pain. Medication

  2. So from what I’ve read, they (see below) are going to hold emergency meetings in order to “set forth the conditions the board considers necessary under IC 25-1-9.7-2(b)(1)(D) to be exempted from the prescribing limitations set forth in IC 25-1-9.7-2(a).” And…”SECTION 3. An emergency is declared for this act.” for all of this to be accomplished BY Dec 1st, 2017?!

    Definition of THEY:
    “The medical licensing board of Indiana shall, in consultation with the state department of health, the office of the secretary of family and social services,and representatives of prescriber stakeholders”

    Who are these the stakeholders as outlined above in your opinion? And how do “we” – – those with actual intractable, incurable pain diseases – get a VOICE in what conditions are exempted from these extremely harsh new limitations?

    • Pt’s opinions and input would just F-up their agenda and preconceived conclusions… they are using “emergency status” so that they don’t have to deal with the public’s opinion/input… more and more things – involving things that the Indiana bureaucrats want to keep public input out of are being dealt with on an “emergency basis”

  3. 100 million Americans have one or more chronic incurable pain Disease. As the CDC, DEA, FDA, Medicaid and Medicare, and numerous other government agencies, are blaming Doctors for the over prescribing of opioid medication. NOBODY, is looking at or reading the statistics from chronic pain disease patients. How about NOT addressing these drugs as dangerous and addictive. When all else fails: physical therapy, excersize, over the counter medications and numerous injections etc, we chronic pain disease patients, are left with one option to help us cope, opioid pain medication. Lets address this medication as lifesaving and medically necessary for the million of Americans with chronic diseases. Chronic pain is a disease. Chronic pain disease patients are now the epidemic. The addiction rate of chronic pain disease patients is .02-.6 %. We do not misuse or abuse our medications.
    No other disease medication is scrutinized. We, as patients, are being denied, dismissed, overlooked and discriminated against, by our physicians, due to all the scrutiny associated with treating chronic pain disease with opioid medications. Our Dr’s are afraid to treat us humanely and adequately. We have a disease that medication is readily accessible to us and we are being denied. We, pain patients, are being discriminated against, due to people who abuse illegal heroin, illegal fentanyl and/or misuse opioid medication and place the blame on everyone but themselves. This is a direct hunt for Doctors who prescribe life saving medication, for pain disease patients, that benefit from them. We no longer are able to have doctor/patient confidentiality. We now have insurance agencies, pharmacists, and other government agencies in our physicians offices. Monitoring and policing our physicians.
    We have a chronic disease. We want to be able to take care of our homes, our children, our selves, as much as possible, but without access to these life saving medications, we are unable to do so. We want to live, not just exist in pain 24/7.
    We need the government agencies to look at the real statistics, not the hand picked. These agencies are not physicians. They are trying to doctor us, patients, without a medical license. They are also trying to police our physicians. This is a war on a disease, medications, physicians and patients.
    The statistics do not differentiate what opioid drug attribute to a fatal overdose or misuse of medication. Was is an illegal drug, heroin, illegal fentynal, carfentynal, was that person’s legitimate medication? All these questions need answers. The information needs to be addressed.
    We need help. All the headlines, topics and stories on how opioids are bad and how people are abusing, misusing, overdosing, becoming addicted or dying from them. We need to look at the good they do and how they help our disease of chronic pain and the million of Americans who use them for some relief.
    The government needs to put the focus on illegal drugs coming into, being manufactured and distributed in this country, illegal fentanyl, illegal heroin, methamphetamine, cocaine and all other ILLEGAL DRUGS. People who abuse and misuse medication or illegal drugs will always find a way to get them illegally. Put the focus on that. Not the legally and medically necessary medications we patients need.

    • You should send this to our legastaters
      You made valid points ,very well stated
      Please contact them ,somebody in power
      I read all of it and really hope you take charge and help us all in need
      I have chronic pain and have had mine lowered to 4 a day from 6 then put on crappy morphine that don’t do nothing at all because my Dr is scared now
      He’s doing this to almost all his patients
      Please contact somebody and tell them what you said here
      I cannot clean my apt nor do my cooking or my crafts
      I sleep all the time. I am so depressed
      I escape now
      Doubt I can go on this way much longer
      I hope you come back and read this
      Ciao – Kathleen

  4. Does this.mean a one time.only 7 day script and no more for that particular pain issue or does one have to keep going back and.forth to pick up a new 7 day script and get it filled? I cant imagine anyone in a teamatic accident only getting a one time 7 day script for broken bones, etc which need longer pain control. And if thats rhe case, Im screwed with my chronic stones as sometimes I need a month or more of pain management to.pass the 4-5mm ones. I am no longer allowed NASAIDS as I.have kidney damage from them..

  5. We have got to stop this complete prohibition…I read the bill,,,it is the government wanting all MY private medical history,,,or no meds,,,,wrong all wrong,,m

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