The 800 lb gorilla in the room ?

PALLIATIVE CARE diagnosis – exempts pt from daily opiate limits

The above post was about two Maine residents that threatened to sue the state over their mandated daily opiate dosing limits.

Most/many/all of the state’s opiate dosing limits and the “guidelines” published by the CDC and which many entities are adopting as their standard of care and best practices for treating chronic pain pts have pt’s conditions that would exempt them from the daily mgs limits.

That is the GOOD NEWS… but the 800 lb Gorilla in the room may be that I have not seen anything from the DEA that they are going to recognize those exemptions.  Are the going to continue on their hap-hazard approach in determining who is operating a “pill mill” ?

The DEA still have to continue their work to protect/grow their 81 billion/yr war on drugs and could their job security trump any concerns for chronic pain pt’s health/safety and quality of life ?

We always seem to hear about the number of  “bodies” that are suppose to be attached to an accused “pill mill” office.. but.. we never seem to have the numbers of “bodies” that result from the DEA shutting down a prescribers office as pts from those offices are thrown into cold turkey withdrawal and elevated untreated pain.  It is also a fairly well known situation where those pts that had been seen by the closed practice often have the sigma of that RED “A” on their forehead and will not be accepted as a pt by another physician practice or clinic  


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  1. Mary,

    The two gentlemen who sued were already becoming debilitated from working. They’re fine it’s others who’s Dr’s may or may not follow the law.

  2. ,”could,” it trump their job security over chronic physical pain patient??it already has,,,jmo,,,maryw

  3. However, it will be a few days since I’m hosting a student from Spain 6/30-7/27, but I will make sure you get it.

  4. I spoke with attorneys have the law and was told that many physicians associated or working for large hospitals will NOT comply. The DEA isn’t involved here.
    WV created one that I’m working on for my state and I suggest everyone does their own state the same way. I’m sorry I can’t share at this time how, but Steve I can send you a copy of what WV did and you can pass it on since you’re a part of our “Go Get Em Squad” so to speak.

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