How Congress moves one small step at a time to control opiates

OxyContin and Beyond: Examining the Role of the Food and Drug Administration and the Drug Enforcement Agency in Regulating Prescription Painkillers.

This is a 131 page report on a Congressional hearing TWELVE YEARS ago on how they were going to deal with the perception of increased abuse of opiates by certain segments of our population.

IMO.. this also clearly demonstrates how Congress moves like a tortoise.. one small step at a time… until they get accomplished their goals.. while everyone else is busy living their life and don’t see it coming ? 


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  1. Maybe they need to regulate the cartels that’s bringing the majority of opiates into this country. Do their job ! They really get old with them defocusing on doing their job. I know someone else puls the same thing in government .

  2. exactly,,,THIS WAS ALLLLLLL PLANNED,,, by prohibitionist,,,who only see our MEDICINE ,,as that demon drug heroin,,,,just like the lies they use back in 1920,,,,,,,,maryw

    • Like my Father -in -law said,,,who worked for the federal government for 30 years,,15,,,dod,,15 cia,,,,,,,the FEDERAL GOVERNMENT NEVER TELLS THE PUBLIC THE TRUTH,,,,,EVER,,,,,, all paid for on our dime,,,these ignorant,arrogant assholes,,,never saw our medicines as MEDICINES,,, they are sooo ignorant in the field of medicine,,they are not capable of knowing the difference between a drug,,,and MEDICINE design to help the medically ill,,,,,,,and we all are paying the lethal price for their abuse of power,,,combine is shear STUPIDITY,,,maryw

      • psss,,if u take the time to read it,,it states the ”Dea has the final decision on the the schediuling # of all drugs,,[1st mistake,my medicine,prescribed by a Dr, medicine,,NOT A DRUG,,]],,,,but since the dea makes the final decision on sceduling class,,,its obvious the higher the schedule ,the higher the felony,the higher the profit for the dea!!!,,,,,,,maryw

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