3 strikes and you are out … takes on a new meaning ?

3 Strikes, You’re Out! City to Let Overdose “Victims” Die After 3rd Time


Do we continue to save people who are willingly putting drugs into their bodies and overdosing? That is the question one city has been struggling with for a while, and they are making a decision as to whether they should let the overdosing “victim” die after the third time being saved.

I use the word victim lightly because they aren’t really victims. Cancer patients are victims. They have a disease that they cannot help. Drug addicts are just that. It may not be an easy choice because their bodies are addicted, however, it is a choice they make nonetheless.

Butler Dispatch reports:

Middletown, Ohio officials are tired of overdoses in their town, and they have a way to stop this from continuing. But city officials are concerned this “proposal” may hurt them in the end. The proposal is a 3-strike policy. On the 3rd 911 call of a known “overdoser”, the 911 dispatcher will simply hang-up.

WLWT-TV and WKYC-TV stations in Ohio has released new information as to the 3-strike policy. Middletown, OH has spent $11,000 on Narcan in 2016. In 2017, they have spent over $30,000 and are projected to spend another $45,000 unless they do something to resolve their addiction problem.

Last year Middletown has 74 overdose-deaths. In 2017, they have had 51 overdose deaths and it is still rising weekly. The proposal begins with giving the person 3-chances.

The first revival is “free”, per say. The 2nd revival results in the person doing community service to pay off their “debt” for the Narcan used to revive them. The 3rd-strike results in the dispatcher hanging up on you.

The way a dispatcher would know whether to hang-up on you is a database will be created. This database will result in the names, addresses, and phone numbers of known users. If a dispatcher receives a call, and they see you have not completed your community service or you are constantly a “frequent flyer”, the dispatcher will disconnect the line and not dispatch an ambulance.

The city claims this is not a way to solve the overdose issue, but to save the city money.


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  1. They will NEVER do this. Having said that, the addicts need to be held accountable for their actions!! STOP blaming the “pill.”

  2. Pardon me while I vomit.

    As a rule, any time you place a price on human life, you’ve moved to the slippery slope downhill.

    See if you can count all the HIPAA violations in this little jewel!

    If my math is correct, from the first year, each human life is worth $11,000/74 deaths = $148.65 (rounding up from $148.6486).

    That means that lives of the entire population of the US could be paid for with 4,000,000 lives * 148.65 = $594,594.59 per life.

    Let’s get together and collect the pennies to preserve just one more human life; then deliver them to Middletown, Ohio.

  3. That’s pretty harsh but i think most people who shoot up have a death wish anyway. Hanging up on someone whose calling tho could end in the death of someone else calling from a frequent flyer number. Maybe a a child in the home got a hold of it and needed help? In any case at least this will help rid society of the people who are mostly at fault for the current opioid epidemic frenzy. It’s not like the ability to get pain pills affects them anyway yet we are the ones being targeted. I swear just thinking about how backwardi it is. I have had periods of times over the course of my 50 years to get pain pills prescribed for months at a time at not once was 911 ever called to come save my life. In fact i have never even heard of anyone ever taking their pain pills as directed overdosing. I am sick and tired of physically suffering because of these addicts that get drugs off the street or abuse and mix their prescriptions dying trying to get high. I think i speak for many of us here when i say that i just want to be able to get my medication hassle free and stop suffering. Anyone thinking that a 30 day supply is gonna get them high and stop the pain is stupid. I know people who get Percocet and soma every month and within 2 weeks she’s totally out and hurting really bad and in withdrawal. She may be abusing her medication due to escalating pain or not but even so when she’s out she doesn’t call the doctor trying to get more or go get it on the street because she’s not THAT kind of addict. She’s happy that for 2 weeks out of the month she is able to really be alive. This is getting so out of hand and has me concerned about the people who are implementing the changes in our healthcare. They need to be exposed for ommitting the truth from their facts and be examined for mental defect because what’s happening is just insane. To be honest we are fighting a battle we will never win at least not in my lifetime.

  4. this is sickening,,what the hell has happen’d to the human race??!!t

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