Obamacare is imploding and Repeal and Replace – no one will be happy..

We have some 320 million people in the USA… when you look at all “the numbers” how our country is going to fund a health insurance program … the numbers don’t really add up..
As a country we have 55.5 million on Medicare
We have 72 million on Medicaid – up abt 50% since 2009
There is some people eligible for both Medicare/Medicaid .. so you can’t add the two together to get a realistic total number..
We have some 8.4 % unemployed (actual unemployed and non participation rate)
We have 47% of family households that PAY NO FEDERAL INCOME TAXES.
Our “national healthcare bill” is almost $1000.00/person/month…3.8 TRILLION DOLLARS..
3.8 trillion is the SAME amount as the Annual Federal Budget.
The question has to be asked … how much of that 3.8 trillion goes to the cost infrastructure and profits of various middlemen that may or may not be really necessary parts of our healthcare system ?
It is quite obvious that we are quickly moving toward a point of “no return” when we have more “takers” than “makers”
This issue may be a good example of how the impact of lobbyists and all the money that they spread around in Congress to help big companies to protect their profits.. and healthcare is just another FOR PROFIT BUSINESS..

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  1. Wow, those numbers are staggering.

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