Bureaucrats to the rescue !


According to this article ….  healthcare professional licenses in Georgia are expiring and a new state rule is getting in the way of  renewing them promptly.. According to the article Georgia has implemented a new law that requires that the legal immigration/citizenship status of the person be verified when renewing their license.

According to t he article….Enactment of the law coincided with budget cuts that reduced the office staff by 40%…

What makes the whole process that much more comical is :

For now, state licensing offices will continue opening mail full of copies of passports and birth certificates, then checking them against a list of acceptable documents.

But that’s where the process ends, confirms Kelly Farr and Lisa Durden of the Secretary of State’s office. The law says nothing about making sure the documents are genuine. “We really don’t have a way to do that,”

Isn’t this the same place that Pharmacists and other healthcare professionals have to deal with… in dealing with the various states’ PMP data and with NPLEX? Collection of data that we have no way of verifying..  To bad that when bureaucrats/legislators have bright ideas… they don’t think thru the process that they are proposing… I guess that would be asking too much… as they say .. there are three ways of doing anything… the right way … the wrong way.. and over again… of course, the latter has some function of creating job security…


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  1. We actually received letters from our corporate informing us to renew early because if our renewal was not processed by January 1st due to the state not having the personnel required we would be terminated. Nice,

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