Leave it to the bureaucrats to try to find someone else to blame !

Congress investigating compounding pharmacy group



From the article:

House lawmakers are investigating whether the industry group (The International Academy of Compounding Pharmacists)  for compounding pharmacies coached the company responsible for a deadly outbreak of meningitis in dealing with regulators.

The House Committee on Energy and Commerce sent a letter Friday to the International Academy of Compounding Pharmacists requesting any documents it distributed to members about how to respond to state and federal health inspectors.

“Allegations that your association may have encouraged compounding pharmacists to attempt to impede the FDA from evaluating the efficacy and safety of their products, if true, raise serious concerns about your actions,” states the letter, signed by Republican and Democratic committee leaders.

Since most of these compounding pharmacies are on the smaller size… they don’t have the resources – like a public company with a in house “gaggle” of professionals to help them handle such problem with bureaucrats and the media..  Who else are they going to look to for help?

Is this just another example of the “big bully on the block” trying to blame someone else for problems that has their finger prints all over it?

IMO.. if the MA BOP and the FDA had done their job.. because they were aware of  NECC and its alleged sloppy policies and procedures for more than 5 yrs – this whole issue would not have happened. Of course, government bureaucrats are generally exempt from being sued for their lack of competency or failing to do their job..


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