End of world or hell freezing over ?

According to the Mayan calendar the world is suppose to end tomorrow (12/21/2012).. This press release from today…   http://www.drugstorenews.com/article/rite-aid-reports-nearly-62-million-profit?utm_source=MagnetMail&utm_medium=email& Rite Aid reports nearly $62 million profit This is their first quarterly profit in ~ FIVE YEARS…. and its stock price surged from $1.04 close on Wednesday to $1.17 close on Thursday… still less than a […]

More feel good words… or intent to take action ?

  http://www.eeoc.gov/eeoc/newsroom/release/12-18-12a.cfm EEOC Approves Strategic Enforcement Plan From the article: The purpose of the SEP is to focus and coordinate the EEOC’s programs to have a sustainable impact in reducing and deterring discriminatory practices in the workplace. The SEP identifies six national priorities as the focus of this integrated enforcement effort. These are: Eliminating barriers […]

It is just easier to buy a market/country than to build it

Walgreens has expanded to London and now CVS is off to Brazil.. Amazing.. as soon as Obamacare is for sure on the horizon.. the top two drug store chains in the US starts a INTERNATIONAL expansion. Does this mean that the international market is potentially more profitable than the US is going to be… or… […]


How to Treat Workplace Stress   http://blogs.wsj.com/atwork/2012/12/18/how-to-treat-workplace-stress/ From the article:   The big three are volume, velocity and abuse. In terms of volume, people are working longer hours, which then affects their health, their sleep patterns, and their personal lives. By velocity, I mean the pace of the workplace has gotten faster because of technology, […]

Is it time for a new pricing – reimbursement program?

Why are we (Pharmacy) not part of the free market place?  A every increasing part of the Rxs we fill are paid for by a PBM.. some stores in the mid-high 90% range. As a consumer.. how many things do we get as a one item price.. that encompasses a number or subset of services..  […]

NAMI Survey Examines Expanded Role of Pharmacists in Mental Health Care

  http://www.nami.org/template.cfm?Section=Top_Story&template=/ContentManagement/ContentDisplay.cfm&ContentID=148495&lstid=809 NAMI (National Alliance on Mental Illness) Survey Examines Expanded Role of Pharmacists in Mental Health Care From the article: According to a survey conducted by NAMI in conjunction with the College of Psychiatric and Neurologic Pharmacists Foundation (CPNPF), approximately 75 percent of individuals living with mental illness and their caregivers seldom or never […]

Imagine this !

http://www.medpagetoday.com/Washington-Watch/FDAGeneral/36543?utm_content=&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=DailyHeadlines&utm_source=WC&xid=NL_DHE_2012-12-20&eun=g578717d0r& Compounding Pharmacies Focus of All Day Hearing From the article: Heads of state boards of pharmacy — who oversee compounding pharmacies — told the FDA they need better communication with the federal agency and greater clarity in certain areas to understand what aspects they’re responsible for and what the FDA controls. Who would believe […]

Job description listed on www.indeed.com

Job Title: Pharmacy Technician Job ID: 17791 Location: Indiana The Primay function of this job: CuraScript, a wholly owned subsidiary of Express Scripts,is a leading national provider of specialty pharmacy services Answer the inbound queue for Physician Services. Call out the Physicians for new prescriptions, clarifications, and dosage changes. Handle escalated e-mails from our internal […]

Pharmacist can pick up the increase pt demand caused by Obamacare

  http://www.drugstorenews.com/article/nyt-board-pharmacists-retail-clinics-nps-can-address-gaps-care NYT board: Pharmacists, retail clinics, NPs can address gaps in care From the article: The NACDS heralded the editorial’s publication. “This New York Times editorial adds to the increasing recognition that face-to-face, pharmacist-provided services can complement the vital role of physicians in a team-based approach to patient health,” NACDS president and CEO Steven […]

Healthcare professional don’t follow their own advice

http://www.medpagetoday.com/PublicHealthPolicy/GeneralProfessionalIssues/36489?utm_content=&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=DailyHeadlines&utm_source=WC&xid=NL_DHE_2012-12-18&eun=g578717d0r&userid=578717& Is this a function of life style … or a function of all the pressures from employers to do more and more with less and less and working more hours with fewer breaks ?