Praying won’t help you


Lawsuit claims pharmacist was wrongfully fired for praying

From a article:

A pharmacist who says she was fired from a California Walmart for praying with a customer has filed a lawsuit alleging workplace discrimination. The pharmacist, who had worked for Walmart in Bakersfield since 2006, admitted she had prayed with customers and told them, “be healed.” However, she says she was written up only after raising concerns about other employees improperly handling and distributing narcotics in violation of DEA rules. At the time, she was warned that she should refrain from praying on the job.

A few months after the initial reprimand, the woman claims her supervisor confronted her with a surveillance video that appeared to show her praying with a customer who was crying. She denied that she was praying; she said she simply was trying to console the person. Thereafter, the woman was fired for misconduct.

Any employee who believes he or she has been discharged on the basis of race, sex, religion, ethnicity, national origin, age or other protected class status would benefit by consulting with an experienced workplace discrimination attorney. The attorney can investigate the circumstances leading to discharge to determine if there is any evidence of unlawful conduct.

What is worse… being unemployed with your license in tack  or being unemployed because you have lost your license from harming a pt… because you caved to your employer’s demands to increase productivity and efficiency?

All RPh’s need to figure it out that no matter what happens today… your employer’s business will be business as usual tomorrow. Have you delegated your authority – to ancillary staff –  as the “Pharmacist in charge” for a particular shift/time… or.. have you allowed your employer to delegate YOUR RESPONSIBILITY  and put your license on the line?

We are seeing/hearing of RPH’s in the 45-50+ age group after having worked for years or decades with an employer being shown the door for nebulous reasons – at best..


Just think about it

Lucy = your employer

football = job/paycheck

Charlie Brown = you

If you don’t document… document… document… welcome to the real world Charlie..

Don’t just document in seclusion… your employer doesn’t document what you have done or not done in seclusion… your employer keeps a file on you… why aren’t you keeping a file on your employer?

You can express CONCERNS… you don’t have to keep complaining … express your concerns that something is going to cost the company money… that it could harm patients…  One RPh that is now talking some attorneys left his employer with a 5″ binder full of documentation… how thick is your file on your employer ?

Your employer is hoping that you don’t have a file… your ability to file a lawsuit against them.. is only as big as the file that you maintain on your employer’s actions/ lack of actions… you have NO FILE… you have NO CASE…

When you send email of your concerns… send a copy to HR/Chief Compliance officer.. they are the “police” in making sure that the employer “walks the legal line”… in fact.. depending on the seriousness of a violation.. HR/CCO can be held PERSONALLY liable for letting it happen.  They can only enforce what they know what is going on.. and management is not going to tell them any more than they have to… so that HR/CCO  has deniability and cannot be held liable for letting the company go down an illegal path.

Bottom line… employers tend to give those employees who they know have a file on their employer a wide berth…

Remember the “school bully” in grade school or junior high… didn’t they always pick on the kids who he/she believed were “weak”?  They didn’t pick on those kids that the bully believe had a decent chance of kicking the bully ass and beat the crap out of the bully.

Most of those bullies and would be bullies from school are most likely now “suits”… they no longer “kick the shit” out of the “weak”… they just beat you down psychologically … could be the reason that there is reportedly a increasing number of pharmacy staff are now taking HTN meds, SSRI, and Benzos… to be able to survive the work environment… and in the long run it could be more physically damaging than just taking a physical beating.

GET SMART or get mentally/physically TRASHED !

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