Reasonable accomodations ?


By now everyone has heard about Joe Zorek and his whistle blower lawsuit with CVS… he also has a EEOC

lawsuit as well … The ADA requires an employer to make reasonable accommodation for people with

handicaps.. This is pictures of the “reasonable accommodations” that they provided Joe..

Notice that the chair seems to have a slightly forward tilt…

And the base of the chair appears to be made from some old piece of scrap wood…

Nothing but first class for CVS employees ?


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  1. Boy! I hope he sticks it to them. I ya want more reasonable accommodation info visit The Job Accommotion Network at and they also have help for Folks With Disabilities who want to start their own Biz!

  2. That’s barbaric and humiliating

  3. Cheap does not even begin to describe it. When CVS took over a certain regional chain, they fired all the “janitors. It takes a week for store personnel to break open the pallets and restock the shelves. And they get to clean the public restrooms,too. Employees really do get to learn every job in the store.

    • I had no idea that the associates cleaning the bathrooms wasn’t required at every chain!?! At least we can get to the bathroom. WTF kind of chair is that? A healthy person would develop pain from being forced to sit on that for 2 hours. Unbelievable. And if I recall, the DM was bragging that Pharmacist Zoreks’ special customer watching throne cost $7000. I think an investigation into which of the District Purchasing Agents has a relative in the Office Furniture field.

  4. That thing looks so unstable he’s lucky he it didnt fall apart while he was sitting in it. Is OSHA involved due to questionable safety of the chair? Of course Im sure CVS would find a way of blaming him for any ‘accidents’ if it did fall apart.

  5. That ‘chair’ is pathetic! Looks like a guy in maintenance threw it together out of an old chair, and scrap lumber and metal. Joe should have sent that chair to Larry Merlo before he left CVS. Talk about ‘cheap’. Well, the word ‘cheap’ is too nice a word for this chair. It is no wonder Joe is suing those idiots.

  6. Larry Merlo makes $18 million a year, and Joe gets a chair made from junk lying around someone’s garage. Disgusting.

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