News of the former CVS RPH/PIC whistleblower lawsuit spreading

Harrisburg pharmacist sues CVS Caremark, alleging staff cuts endanger patients

I am hearing a new rally cry of a growing number of RPH’s …   several years ago… a few dozen RPh’s formed The Pharmacy Alliance with the concept of bringing back the control of the profession to the professionals that it belongs to

The Pharmacy Alliance - bringing light to the darkness


I am  sensing this among a growing number…

Over one year ago .. I posted this…

I am starting to hear WAR DRUMS

suetheirassAnyone who wishes this *jpg… for something like a T-SHIRT.. I can clean it up a little and email it to you…


This lawsuit is happening in Pennsylvania with CVS.. there are rumors of a lot of other things going on in that state concerning Pharmacy and med errors

Could this be the next NECC situation ?

Just remember… when you stick your head in the sand… your ass is still sticking out… and makes a good target….


I guess that CVS Caremark spokesman Michael DeAngelis… has job security for the foreseeable future…  making statements like ..

“The health and safety of our customers is our number one priority and we have comprehensive policies and procedures in place to ensure prescription safety,”

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  1. So I know about the staff cuts cuz she has told me. And i told her that to me it seems like cvs wants to over work people and when they don’t meet cvs standards they get fired.

  2. My girlfriend works in a cvs in Illinois. She is a assistant manager and i feel that cvs abuse their power. She works all this over time cuz her fat ass boss doesnt do his part and she never takes a lunch or break. And she usually works a minimum of 12 hours. She works so much that i.was hospitalized and she wasn’t able to stay with me cuz she said that one person was on vacation and her manager was busy helping another fuckin store cuz they were getting audited. I think its fuckin ridiculous…


    great commentary…..instead of focusing on “observation logs” and WeCare scores, how about giving the pharmacist time to give more than a cursory glance to the prescription….they aren’t called “dangerous drugs’ for nothin’!

  4. Rite Aid, CVS, Walgreens, and ALL the big corporate pharmacy chains have been “screwing the pooch” for a very long time. They speak with forked tongue…that is to say that they write policy and do PR that boasts professionalism “verbally” but their actions speak “from the ass!” They are and always were all about money and could care less about public health and safety. Yet the bulk of the members of your local State Board of Pharmacy are Corporate Chain Pharmacy executives!
    I regretfully admit that I “sold out” to the highest bidder over 24 years of my long career as a pharmacist when I acquired a home with a mortgage and started a family. When I managed a CVS pharmacy department, with 4 days notice, CVS changed the pharmacist work day from 12 hours to 14 hours. Technician/clerk budgets were always a skeleton crew (lean to the bone) and the first place cuts were made to improve profit was always PAYROLL! Pharmacists for these companies had little to no time to counsel patients or complete the professional and most important tasks of their profession. Numbers, numbers, numbers!…rack’em up…bag’em up…sell’em!..and do it FAST with as little support staff as possible (none at times!). Accuracy, safety, ERRORS…were the REALITY. Advertisements, PR, television commercials…ALL BS!
    I was crippled and landed on disability in 2008 and after multiple reconstructive surgeries and years of physical rehab, I remain unemployed and starving and would sadly JUMP! now at ANY opportunity for gainful re-employment. I was one of the BEST and my long and dynamic career was absent of serious or harmful error…(BUT!…I was the EXCEPTION, not the RULE!). A historic change for the worse in the pharmacist job market beginning in 2008 continues to keep me hungry. The “silver lining” is that I can’t say I miss the 14 plus hours per day wearing a texas catheter and a coffee can tied to my leg since there was never time to pee! At one point of my career, while working for Rite Aid, the job “bait” was “every third weekend” but the reality entailed a 17 hour work day!
    Don’t even get me started on “Drive-thru” pharmacy. How demeaning!
    SLAVERY is alive and well in this country…at your local high volume big corporate chain pharmacy! When was the last time you saw a chain drug store pharmacist with a sincere smile?

  5. Well considering the lawsuit and what those currently and formerly (myself included) in the CVS trenches are saying it’s quickly going to.he** in a handbasket no matter what Mr Deangelis spouts off

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