The closer it gets the more expensive it gets ?

As many of you know, I started on Medicare in June 2012..and purchased a Medicare supplement.. from a mutual company.. because they don’t have any stock holders and basically not for profit.. The policy was much cheaper 20% -30% than the entity that sells the most supplements.. mostly because they are endorsed by AARP.

Maybe it is just happening by chance… but from June ,2012 until June 2013.. the premium remained the same.. and of course in June ,2013 I got notice of a ~ 5% increase.. and today I got a notice that as of Sept ,2013 there is another 7% increase.

Of course, Obamacare mandated a lot of “preventive” services that are to now be provided by Medicare.

Could it be that the more of Obamacare that is implemented.. the more costly it is going to become for people?

Are people every going to learn.. that anything the government does to “help us” .. has a cost … some times more than the benefit provided.

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  1. The overall impact of Obamacare appears to be based on two things: cutting costs to providers and increasing costs to patients. From my vantage point, it appears that some sectors of the healthcare industry are increasing prices of their services or products. You see this in increased insurance premiums. I have been seeing an increase in the price of drugs. I have heard of a local hospital starting new cost cutting measures. The impact on employers is likely to be very significant and could impact the employment levels in this country. The ‘intentions’ of government can often be in the right place, but it is the ‘side effects’ of legislation that can be terrible. This may very well be the case with Obamacare. We all know that healthcare costs by the government are going to have to be cut or the country will go bankrupt. Government does not create wealth. They can only distribute it. So, they are constantly shifting around the distribution of our wealth. In the process, just think about it, all those government workers are eating away at this countries wealth. Every new law ‘costs’ something, such as forcing government to provide healthcare to workers, and what will this do? It will meant that companies will hire less workers which will decrease the ‘wealth’ of the country. And, what we have today is a veritable maze of laws and the shifting around of wealth and the misapplication of that wealth. As you say, “Are people every going to learn.. that anything the government does to “help us” .. has a cost … some times more than the benefit provided.” Whenever the government says they are going to ‘help’ us, then we need to run in the opposite direction. They are driving this whole country toward bankruptcy by ‘helping’ us. This is what has happened over the years with social security, medicare, and medicaid. The government has tried to ‘help’ us and they may have ‘helped’ some people for a short period of time, but the overall impact on everyone is a lower standard of living and the possible future of a bankrupt US. We have classes of people that are caught in poverty and depending on the government for their living. It is a ‘catch 22’ for them. If they get government assistance, then they get a job, they lose that assistance. The loss is often more than the gain from being employed, so these people choose to stay on government assistance. It is not the peoples fault. It is the fault of short sighted politicians that are eager to get elected to office and they promise the moon and they will sacrifice the whole country for a few votes.

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