Metrics first… patient service second ?

Today my wife saw her new Cardiologist… after a very rough encounter with a previous Cardiologist

Long story short.. IMO.. this new Cardiologist makes the previous one look like a …well… not the sharpest knife in the drawer..

This practice is owned by one of the local hospitals…  My wife’s appt was for 11:00.. and we sat and sat.. finally she gets taken back to an exam room… detailed intake of all things important by ancillary staff.

Then the Cardiologist enters… nice “young man” .. very affable … more detailed information exchanges hands…

We are now approaching 13:30… and at the end of the meeting the physician .. he apologies for the long wait.. he stated that “they” intentionally “overbook”  appts to compensate for no-shows.. and EVERYONE SHOWED UP FOR THEIR APPT TODAY !!

Short discussion between me and him about MBA’s and “metrics”…  the wonderful world of revenue driven healthcare…

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  1. I was curious about your wife and her health, thanks for the update. And I think I like your new cardiologist, a lot, because he is HONEST. And he recognized that your time was valuable to you and apologised accordingly. THAT right there is a breath of fresh air. I hope y’all can figure out her medical issues and get things squared away.

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