There must be a MEDICAL DEITY somewhere

I just tried to get my morphine filled. I take six pill day  15 mg.  the pharmacist said he can only fill 5.6 pills per day . So my dr has to write new prescription.

Any input Steve.

Forcing everyone on Hospice ?

Six Morphine 15 mg/day is 90 MME… which is the “recommended daily limit” by the CDC guidelines… so who is “playing doctor” ?

My suggestion to this pt and others who run into this.. is to have the pharmacist do a screen print of the rejection/statement sent by the insurance company or if it is the company’s policy … ask for a copy of that policy… if the pharmacist can’t/won’t… then one must presume that the pharmacist is “playing games”.

Otherwise, get the pharmacist’s name… there should be a license hanging on the wall in “view of the public” with their name on it… By that simple statement “doc will have to write a new prescription” … clears whoever dictated that reduced dosage… because the doc agreed and complied..   Otherwise the pharmacist could have reduced the quantity dispensed and should notify the prescriber of what transpired.   But then, the pharmacist would be exceeding their “scope of practice” and violating the practice act… by… practicing medicine without a license.

Until pts start filing complaints with the various agencies that oversees this type of activity… it will continue and probably get worse.

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