I was watching the TV news tonight and Pres Trump and a whole large table of members of Congress discussing “gun control”.. and the proposed solution of “enhanced background checks” on people who wish to purchase a gun.. 

There can be many parallels drawn between guns and opiates…

Both have manufacturers  (guns and ammunition)

Both have wholesalers

Both have retail stores.

Both have databases to track who purchases them.

Both if used inappropriately – in the hands of some idiot – can cause death.

So why aren’t all the various law firms suing all those businesses involved with the making/selling of guns ?  After all there are some 8600 homicide by gun every year… 

Maybe just not enough TOMBSTONES  or now that enhanced background checks will SOLVE THE PROBLEM ?

Why isn’t it time for ENHANCED ID CHECKS being available by those in healthcare who prescribe or dispense controlled meds ?  – UNLESS, those in our judicial system is not really interested in trying to attempt to reduce overdose deaths…BUT… are they afraid that if they put processes in place where only verified people get legal prescription opiates… and the opiate OD’s continue to rise and it clearly demonstrates that all the OD’s have little/nothing to do with legal prescription opiates and the DEA actually has to start going after the illegal opiates that are flooding into our country from Mexico and China ?

Maybe it is time to ask those members of Congress who are interested in ENHANCED ID CHECKS for gun sales… shouldn’t they also be interested in those same ID checks for those who are seeking controlled medications ?

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  1. Steve, this is exactly what I have been stating regarding the weapons available to civilians, that were made for war! Why don’t those individuals have to go through what cpps have to go through, each month? First, they must pay high insurance premiums to a company, that uses a 3rd party to oversee their actual use and amount of ammo. Must find an entity to take them on a monthly basis and cannot be given, certification to even obtain weapon or ammo until they are seen, screened, fill out questionnaire, Urine Screen for drugs and alcohol use. During the appt, they will be evaluated mentally, physically for the permit and if permit issued, a data base checked to ensure they have not been “shopping and already purchased weapon and ammo,” the entity will write the permit for the type of weapon and amount of ammunition they are allowed to purchase. Then the process of finding a place to purchase said weapon and ammo. Where they will be judged upon appearance, presentation of themselves by whomever might be working behind the counter. They must leave their permit for the business to contact the issuer of the permit, to indeed verify the permit is legitimate, which could take anywhere between 1-3 days; the data base, again be checked,then await when the actually stock may be available in such business. They will be sold the weapon and ammo, with guidelines for use and amount of ammo allowed to be used. Each month, they must appear with weapon and ammo, so the ammo can be counted and a record of any use, which will only be allowed at certified ranges, who will enter the date/time the weapon was used and amount of ammo used. The database must match at monthly check in. The owner will have to submit to random, twice yearly drug/alcohol screens, the amount of ammo would be cut and loss of ownership of weapon, always at risk. Of course, they will have to pay a monthly fee for check ins….the list goes on….I really believe there would be a lot less ownership of such weapons, if they had to walk in the shoes off a CPPS.

  2. Like we said a little while back,,,,its a hell of a lot easier to sit on their ass’s,,,on our dime,,,looking at some computer data,,then getting off their ass’s on our dime and do some REAL WORK EH!!!!!maryw

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