Dr. Maurice Gregory talks about opioid

WEB EXTRA: Dr. Maurice Gregory talks about opioid https://www.lasvegasnow.com/news/local-news/web-extra-dr-maurice-gregory-talks-about-opioid/1809337569 LAS VEGAS – Las Vegas physician Doctor Maurice Gregory talks with I-Team reporter George Knapp about his concerns regarding the anti-opioid movement and how it’s impacted the quality of life for patients who need long-term pain management. Dr. Gregory was featured in the I-Team story last […]

Another dead due to under/untreated pain ?

Another death due to an MD tapering/removing patient from opiate med. Her husband posted this on her Facebook page. I am FB friends with Carla but he didn’t make in the post shareable. Here’s the post: “My name is Larry Larry E. HowardLarry E. Howard Howard and it is with a heavy heart I lost […]

One person’s challenging medical journey thru life

Jennifer Burns Hill a story of tragedy and a deep love story … And How I found myself again. I am the youngest of 6 the only girl. Born on April fools day. I seemed to have to beat the odds while in my mother’s womb. My mother unknowingly had hepatitis B. In her 7 […]

Dying Cancer patient denied Opioids by Kaiser

Dying Cancer patient denied Opioids by Kaiser This shocking and compelling story needs to be shared with the Public and Governing Agencies (Medicare, CDC, NIH, DEA) via the Press and Social Media. We are old, sick, exhausted and need help because we don’t know how to do it and are just struggling to survive. What […]

The Drug Prohibition Is to Blame for Opioid Crisis

The Drug Prohibition Is to Blame for Opioid Crisis https://www.cato.org/publications/commentary/drug-prohibition-blame-opioid-crisis New Hampshire’s chief medical examiner recently leased the state’s latest opioid overdose death totals for 2018. As in most of the country, prescription opioids are not propelling the death rate in New Hampshire. For the last several years, more and more non-medical users have been […]

Did the FDA ignite the opioid epidemic?

https://www.cbsnews.com/news/opioid-epidemic-did-the-fda-ignite-the-crisis-60-minutes/ We have reported on the causes and effects of the opioid epidemic for several years — interviewing government whistleblowers, doctors, and Americans who’ve grown dependent on the powerful pain pills. We have not had a high-ranking executive from the pharmaceutical industry sit before our cameras, until now. Tonight, Ed Thompson, a drug manufacturer who […]

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Pts unable to find an attorney that will go up against the DEA ?

  Hi. Just want to let you know that patients of Dr Lesly Pompy have started suing the DEA over their medical records being illegally obtained during the raid on Dr Pompy’s office on 9/26/16. Unable to find a lawyer to take the case, the patients are representing themselves. A hearing was just held and […]