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Some of us believe that it was a matter of time !  According to this letter two former and one current CVS employees apparently found their “back bone”… and apparently this may only applies to CALF labor laws.. It is not clear if Pharmacists are to be included in this class action lawsuit. I have been told by CVS Pharmacists that they are part salary and part hourly.. WTF..  IMO.. the Federal labor law that I have read… has two  separate and distinct types of exempt and non-exempt. Exempt is otherwise known as “salaried” and is exempt from paying the employee over-time .. no matter how many hours they work in a pay period. My question is how can an employee be part exempt and part non-exempt.. sounds like a dichotomy to me.. Basically, if an employee is employed as an exempt employee.. the company “owns their soul”.. you are paid to get a job done.. if that takes 12 hr/day – 7 days a week.. you probably agreed to being paid so much per week, month or year… and you have agreed to accept that “pay” for the job(s) assigned to you.  I tried of make the page show on this page.. but.. if unreadable.. there is a link to a *.pdf.. click on the link


CVS Class Action pge 20001com

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  1. California pharmacists were removed from the “exempt” classification in 2001 by the Industrial Welfare Commission. What is “half salaried”? Perhaps someone is thinking of the Alternative Workweek Schedule?

    Several class action lawsuits are in progress regarding travel time and pay for floater pharmacists and for pharmacists attending offsite meetings as well as pay for more than 6 consecutive days of work.

    These will probably drag on for years.

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