Best care at the least cost.. or just reduce costs ?

The worst news in healthcare is the increasing number angry physicians!

From the article:

The logic has been that if the physician is squeezed to do less, he or she will order fewer tests, few medications, as a result of which the cost of medicine will be reduced. The same logic has been applied to reducing samples of medications to offices and placing more bureaucracy to get authorization for much needed medications and procedures. Simply, more stumbling blocks mean less cost.

Doctors are broken! I see them walking around campus avoiding eye contact, hardly smiling. When time permits, few break out in quick psychotherapy sessions to complain about the system, the way cancer survivors do. They feel some relief knowing they are not alone.
To survive the pressure, fewer doctors are accepting insurance. More are going “concierge,” requiring an annual entrance fee. Many are not taking Medicare or government related insurances. Some demand a credit card on file for incidentals, as do hotels. Some are requesting fees for filling out forms, phone calls, prescription refills, in the same way attorneys charge for work in the client’s absence.

The two common denominators ?  Government and Insurance.. and the Government has exempt the insurance companies from Sherman Antitrust Act.. they can do things  that  if other businesses did.. IT WOULD BE ILLEGAL !

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