And #Walgreens wonders why they get fined

AFFIDAVIT: Roommate Says Fired Deputy Took Home Drugs From Drop-Off Box From the article: Bryan was arrested Monday by the SBI. He was then fired by Sheriff Neil Elks. The detective with their major crimes unit was charged with obtaining a controlled substance by fraud. His arrest warrant says the deputy was accused of […]

Automatic Prescription Refill Programs Could Lead to Fraud From the article: CVS received a subpoena from federal investigators requesting information concerning its automatic refill programs. In a statement, CVS said its “ReadyFill is a free, opt-in service that helps people stay on their maintenance medications as prescribed in order to reduce the risk of deteriorating health and avoid more costly health care […]

Football analogy that describes the Pharmacist’s Job

The next time that someone talks about your job.. especially how little you do.. or how “cushy” it is.. use this football analogy. Your are the “head referee”..  and you work with six other referees in training… but you are responsible for the accuracy of all the calls made by all the other referees. If […]

Wrong Answer !

This incident happen about six years ago.. as the surplus of RPH was just starting.  IMO.. this is a good example of a RPH that was naive enough not to employe an attorney for advice before making a decision and/or not clearly understanding all the “fine print” in what they are agreeing to. Under Federal […]

If information is knowledge

I had previously posted about the Rite Aid getting fined because of the Pharmacist that refused to give  HIV + pt a flu shot The incident itself happened in the fall of 2012 but the fine was not imposed until about one month ago This weekend I was in a Rite Aid store and […]

Food for thought ?

DOJ Recovers $3.8 Billion in 2013 for False Claims Act Violations Reinforcing Need for Health Care Providers to Maintain Compliant Practices From the article: In 2013, the Department of Justice recovered $3.8 billion under False Claims Act, the bulk of which stemming from claims for health care fraud.  The Obama Administration has been more […]

RPh email sent to the TPA today 03/20/2014

Would you believe that from this RPh’s letter.. believes that the particular BOP in this state… seemingly has little interest in patient safety.. I don’t know which chain this RPH’s works for.. but… take a guess ! Today has been a interesting day.. Senator Edward Markey (D-MA)  has requested a FEDERAL INVESTIGATION of WAGS […]

HIPAA violations unchecked ?

Senator Calls on Walgreens to Protect Patient Information From the article: In the wake of a recent report finding risk to patient privacy, drug security and public health at a new type of Walgreens pharmacy, Senator Edward Markey (D-MA) has penned a letter to the company questioning the model. HIPAA-protected patient information, such as medical […]

Advocacy group questions “safety” of WAGS RPh out front prgm

Advocates File Complaint With State Officials Over Walgreens’ New Pharmacy Format From the article: An advocacy group filed a complaint with state health officials Wednesday alleging Walgreens’ new pharmacy format is a public health and patient privacy risk to Floridians. “But the problem here is that there is still only one pharmacist responsible for […]

Rumor on the street 03/19/2014

Hospital in the mid-west .. advertised for a single RPH position… $40/hr… benefits undefined/unknown… So far… there are nearly two dozen “good applicants” that have applied. Any guess on how long that opening will remain “open ” ? Does the phrase “New York Minute” come to mind ?