This is what happens when your state has no RPH to tech ratios !

This is a place I temp at… This state has no RPH to tech ratios.. it is basically the wild west. This is a long term care pharmacy.

This is just ORDER ENTRY and TRIAGE… including two RPh’s… this group does not include that portion of the staff that FILLS orders !.. another 6 +/- staffers
This pharmacy operates 15 hrs a day with normally 19 hrs of RPH’s time – four hr overlap. Of course, during that four hour overlap… both RPH’s have to get a meal break. At times the ratio is in the 1:15 range… in a facility of 15,000 – 20,000 sq ft. The fill staff .. is – for the most part – out of the line of sight. The order flow is like this… the orders are faxed into the LTCP… where triage.. sorts them into various ques.. the order entry enters the faxed orders into “keyed orders” in the computer system… at this point . the RPH..compares what is faxed in.. against to what is keyed in.. if all is correct.. it proceeds to billing adjudication… then on to the fill staff… the non-controls are verified computer checking tech.. the controls have to be scanned by the RPH. Then everything goes out the back door to the LTCF. This state does not require certified techs.. just a registration process to track those who are convicted of diverting drugs.. from getting a job in a pharmacy in the future… One could conclude that patient safety is not a big priority by the state BOP.

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