Irresponsibility doesn’t stop at the Rx counter ?

Jury awards $455,563 judgment against CVS Pharmacy

From the article:

“Companies like CVS simply have to be held accountable for violating safety rules because if they aren’t, they will continue their conduct of breaking safety rules and cutting corners, putting us all at risk,” co-counsel Timothy Schafer II said. “It was clear that CVS withheld evidence from the jury in an attempt to avoid responsibility.”

There is a old attorney saying …” when the law is on your side argue the law.. when the facts are on your side… argue the facts… when neither the law nor facts are on your side.. DENY.. DENY.. DENY…

Or according to this attorney “hide the evidence”.. I guess the plaintiff did not give them the option to settle.. without going to trial.. so that they could claim that they.. “admit to no wrong doing “

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