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Back in July I wrote abt a RPh in the soutwest..  that the pharmacy’s wholesaler ( Cardinal) decided that the pharmacy was buying too many C-II’s and decided that they did not want to provide the pharmacy any more control drugs.

Here is a email that I received from this Pharmacist today

We are getting some controls from a back-up generic wholesaler, but we have not been able to get CII’s (or Sudafed, Cheratussin-AC, ect.) since June.  We have lost 4 employees, 10 assisted living homes and a hospice contract.  We were turned down by Anda, MastersRx and McKesson.  ABC has not returned our calls.  We have reached out to HD Smith and MorrisDickson.

All the Pharmacy Associations we have spoken to (including the state BOP) have done NOTHING … they all say that this is WRONG, and that they are SORRY, but they do NOTHING.

I really wish I could get some news coverage in the Pharmacy Trade journals.  I wrote a Letter to the Editor of Pharmacy Times and the damn thing BOUNCED BACK … they want you to read their journal but they don’t want to hear from you?!?!?!?

And the various Pharmacy Associations wonder why not many Pharmacists belong… Given the experience of this Pharmacist.. maybe FEWER should belong.

So …. it would appear that the DEA has the major wholesalers quivering in their corporate shoes… as well as WAGS.. they have implemented their “good faith dispensing policy”.. I have been told that CVS has taken Rx count for controls have been taken out of the weekly Rx volume goal.. so.. their RPH don’t fill pressured to fill whatever comes thru the door ?..or.. let their opiophobic Pharmacists a free hand in turning down and/all controls Rxs… because of their personal belief..  Some RPH tried this with birth control and most states came down on them… that they are obligated to fill these Rxs.. their religious objection .. was the RPH’s problem..  Apparently, discriminated against patients that need medications to treat  subjective diseases ( Mental health, pain, anxiety, depression) is OKAY !

Could it be that after 40+ years of the DEA fighting this war on drugs.. that their success rate is so dismal.. that they are going after any/all parts of the drug distribution channel.. so that they can go to Congress to show that they are being successful… but the amount of Heroin being used/abused is increasing dramatically..  If I remember correctly… Heroin is a Schedule I – TOTALLY ILLEGAL.. yet its use is increasing… and why could that be,, because the DEA is only confiscating less than 10% of the illegal drugs what are coming into the country.

Take PSE… they have started all kinds of ways… passed all kind of limit laws on how much a pt can purchase… to keep people from buying excessive amounts of PSE.. when it is reported that the reality is.. that 80% of the Meth on the street comes from south of the border..

Where else but a governmental agency can miserably miss their goal year .. after year.. after year.. and they continue to get funding to keep up this stellar performance ?

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