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There are rumors on the street that some of the drug wholesalers are “cutting off” pharmacies – especially independents  – from buying any/all control medications.. because the wholesaler perceives that the pharmacy is buying/selling to many control medications. Reportedly, this is not the result of a BOP or DEA investigation or audit. Presumably it is a “numbers game”

I have been in conversation with one of the Pharmacy trade journals and they would like to talk to anyone that has first hand knowledge of such activity.

If you know something… drop me a email steve@steveariens.com and I will “hook you up “.. so that you can tell your story.

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  1. Smith Drugs from Spartansburg, SC, refuses to ship any controls to Drive-in-Pharmacy, Williamsburg, KY. This store allowed a 3rd party consultant group to review the records via direct computer-to-computer investigation at Smith’s demand. Third party group found zero compliance problems. Not good enough for Smith. The internal compliance department of controlled substances at Smith’s Drugs refused to tell how they arrived at the “over allotment” when we placed orders. In my opinion numerous HIPPA violations have occurred by Smith. I was told I had to vet each physician that wrote a prescription for any CS. We exchanged many harsh words. They sent an bully to our store with a title of External Compliance Manager. Someone tell me what empowers this person to come behind the counter and degrade everything. If you don’t believe me just call Winn Martin, External Compliance Manager at Smith Drug 864-582-1216 ext 1211. After his visit Smith decided they would stop selling everything to us. By the way our ratio drugs dispensed over the past 90 days was 1 CS per 7.3 non CS.

  2. The Herald-Dispatch Editorial today says Boone Cty Judge ruled that 4 pharmaceutical distributors must turn in records of shipements made to WV during the last 5 yrs. Attorney General is arguing that they should have known that thwy were sending controlled subst to WV that were not being used for legitimate purposes.

    Look at this post for more details https://www.pharmaciststeve.com/?p=4509

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