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Krueger Investments LLC et al v. Cardinal Health 110 Incorporated order deny dea subpoena

CV 12-0618-PHX-JAT order deny preliminary injunction

This is a court case between Cardinal Wholesaler and two independent pharmacy with common ownership.

Reader’s digest  points …

Cardinal cut off the pharmacies from buying controls meds from them

BOP and DEA found no evidence of diversion … neither pharmacy license nor DEA license was suspended nor revoked.

pharmacies sought injunction to keep Cardinal from ceasing shipping control meds..

Court found that even though the pharmacies may go out of business, because it was unable to dispense control meds… it was not sufficient to issue a injunction against Cardinal.

Other interesting items in that DEA refused to obey subpoena and using a lot a legal “smoke and mirrors” to get around getting involved in this case.

So the court system runs this pharmacy out of business .. so that they lose their source of income and monies to take Cardinal to court over this issue… intentional ???

This is similar to what the DEA does when they go after a doc who they believe are prescribing too many controls.. they come in – normally in full swat mode  – scare the shit out of the pts in the office… seize all the computers and office records… basically shutting the practice down… determine that all the assets of the doc are ill gotten gain from drug money and seize all the doc’s assets.. so the doc has no income and no assets and then -somehow – fund his defense against the DEA’s action.. because with the DEA.. you are guilty until proven innocent.. and they get to keep all the assets that they seize to further fund their operation…and if the doc is successful in defending him/herself.. by that point in time the DEA has auctioned off – liquidated – all of the docs assets.

It is interesting that the DEA has been breathing down the necks of the wholesalers… and DEA is part of the Justice Dept as is the court system.. Is this how the DEA is now fighting the war on drugs.. intimidating wholesalers to act out of fear and then the Justice system fails to use common sense to protect a small business from being ran out of business when a wholesaler goes “off the deep end” trying to appease the DEA out of fear..

This is not a isolated incident… more and more are coming to light…  Maybe the DEA has been such a FAILURE in this 40 + years war on drugs.. that they are doing desperate things.. to show Congress that they are doing something… when it fact .. they admit that they are only seizing 5%-10% of the illegal drugs coming into the country and 80% of the Meth in the country is coming from south of the border. How naive is Congress to keep funding this boondoggle ?

Maybe the DEA insignia should read like a Mc Donald’s sign .. instead of billion and billion served… it would read billions and billions WASTED !

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  1. True, all the pseudoephedrine, ephedrine,and phenylpropanolamine is from Mexico, Asia or wherever. The impurities and/or contamination is a mute question for ‘cookers’. What I question is: How is there a lull in the production of ADHD Rx’s.

  2. Very sad about how the pharmacies are being treated. The court system is failing to protect the pharmacies. The DEA is about worthless and is now causing problems for pharmacies and people in pain. They have gotten completely out of hand. They have become a ‘rogue’ agency of the government. But, what can we expect, just look at the NSA.

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