Is the ice getting thinner ?

I have heard from a couple of friends who are hospital RPH’s.. and things are not looking good in the mid-west “pharmacy land”

One RPH.. told me that the census at their hospital should be 50% higher than it currently is…

Another RPh told me that the RPH staff in their “hospital system” has been reduced almost 20%.. and 80% of those let go were PharmBS’s…

After you remove the RPH in management and those who are “clinical”… this two hospital system has abt 540 Rph hours per week.. I don’t know if both pharmacy depts are ran 24/7.. if so.. that means that they have 336 hrs to cover.. meaning that after the  168 man hours to keep each dept open.. that leaves just about 2.5 FTE’s for each Rx dept… that is after 5 FTE’s were let go … so .. if my math is right.. each hospital had their “additional RPH time”  CUT IN HALF.

Earlier this month .. I wrote about some of the larger hospital healthcare system making cut backs

Recession hitting “recession proof ” industry ?

A job engine sputters as hospitals cut staff

Please return your seat backs to their up right position and return your tray table and keep your seat belt on.. until this ride comes to a full stop …

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  1. I have been unemployed / underemployed for a year. I am a PharmD with a PGY1 residency and 17 years of experience.

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