As long as you are not part of the 2.6%

Express Scripts Moves to Exclude Drugs From National Formulary

From the article:

Express Scripts has for the first time decided to exclude a few dozen drugs from its preferred formulary. The leading pharmacy benefits manager, or PBM, took the decision in a bid to counter steadily rising prices for brand-name medications, the increasing use of co-pay cards and continually narrowing formularies elsewhere.

the new move will impact about 780,000 people in total, approximately 2.6% of the 30 million people served by the PBM. Miller pointed out that the company arrived at the decision not out of purely economic reasons alone, but also in a bid to bring down net costs and maintain market share.

NOT A PURELY ECONOMIC REASON ????   just to bring down net costs and MAINTAIN MARKET SHARE !!

Do they really think that we believe this BULLSHIT ?

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