Is it epidemic ?

Audit: N.C. pharmacy board failed to adequately inspect pharmacies

From the article:

According to records reviewed by state auditors, 35 percent of pharmacies have not been inspected in four or more years and about 21 percent were not inspected in the past six years or more.

“Not regularly inspecting pharmacies could allow problems that threaten public health and safety to exist and not be detected in a timely way,” according to the audit.

We know that there was a former CVS PIC/RPh that when working a 14 hr day – against NC practice act –  by the end of hour 7 of working had verified 300 + Rxs… BTW.. the NCBOP considers more than 150 Rxs/shift – DANGEROUS..  They even had to go to court several years ago to defend this part of the practice act… guess who the plaintiff was ? How about NACDS !! This CVS RPH decided that it was a matter of patient safety to close the drive thru window.. BUT.. the non-RPH store manager took exception and re-opened the drive thru window.. a “pissing match” ensued… which it was stated that both the DM and PDM got involved .. and sided with the store manager..  so.. the RPH.. locked the Rx dept up and left..

Complaints were filed with the NCBOP by both sides… it took the NCBOP nearly a year to have it addressed by the BOP.  The outcome… CVS, PDM & the RPH.. each got a letter of reprimand and CVS went back to business as usual… 14 hr work days for RPH’s.. without any scheduled breaks and volume that routinely exceed what the NCBOP regulations considers DANGEROUS.

Many BOP’s try to do little so that they can stay out of the public’s spotlight.. however.. that did not work too well for MABOP when the New England Compounding Center sent out contaminated injectable which killed 70 + and over 700 are still dealing with the lingering effects of having the contaminated product injected into the spine…

It is reported that only 17 BOP’s require serious mistakes be reported to the BOP.. and the PERMIT HOLDER makes the decision if the med error is seriously enough to have to report it to the BOP..

It was also reported several years ago by a reporter with USA TODAY that 75% of the BOP’s have corporate executives sitting on them… conflict of interest ???



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