Could “the worm” possibly getting ready to turn ?

Can Express Scripts Really Count on Walgreen, CVS, and Rite Aid?

From the article:

With the drugstore chains seeking their own fortunes in the ever-changing prescription drug space, pharmacy benefits managers like Express Scripts could eventually see competitive pressure on their earnings.

a more concerted effort from the big three retail chains could change the industry’s dynamics against the pharmacy benefits manager.

the health-care exchange business opens avenues for Rite Aid, Walgreen, and CVS Caremark to establish new relationships with private exchange operators.

The exchange model is picking up steam, and drugstore chains eager to gain leverage over PBMs will inevitably look for alternatives that can help with contract negotiations.

it’s important to see whether the Affordable Care Act gives drugstore chains like Walgreen, CVS, and Rite Aid more power over what they pay Express Script”

With the new exchanges and ACA and the goal to reduce overall costs… could the PBM’s  “middleman’s profits” become a target? Could MC/VISA/DISCOVER/AMEX … be the “less expensive” PBM’s  for Obamacare ?

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